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Mirina collections… Are they a scam?

Hello you lovely lot, today I want to talk to you about a company, that company is called mirina collections.

Some of you may already know them and been contacted by them, some of you may of never heard of them before this. Well I’m going to help you with that. 

About 2 months ago I got contacted by a woman called safyah who works for mirina collections, she told me I was the Perfect person to be a ambassador for the company and if I agreed to it I would get a statement necklace for free, I would only have to pay for the weight and shipping, there necklaces are already $100+ so this seems like a great deal right? I was so excited! I told everyone, I had my first ever sponsorship!! 

You’d be getting a handmade necklace for just weight and shipping which is roughly $40 depending on which piece you choose. 

Now I’m not a big fan of big chunky jewellery so I asked if I could have sunglasses instead which she agreed and said I’d get 15% off the price, so I paid $15 for the sunglasses, in pounds it was about £12 something, not to bad for a pair of one of a kind sunglasses. 

Well let me tell you, if your thinking, all of the above sounds good, you’d be wrong. Here’s a necklace on mirinas website 

Beautiful isn’t it, it should be for $129.00

But wait… 

Here’s exactly the same necklace on Amazon. 

And that one is…. £6.99!!!!!


And here’s another one. 

This company is a joke. I’m luckily I only bought sunglasses… Which again, can be found online, just search “fake Dior sunglasses” 

I’m going to insert our conversation down below so you can read for yourself 

Disclaimer: this will be a long read as there’s lots of emails back and forth, the first email I got from them is the longest but make sure you read it properly. 

After that email I got blocked from emailing them. So I took to Instagram 

And then got blocked from there Instagram. Today they decided to unblock and follow me again, then I see there still scamming so many people! That’s why I had to write this post, to show people that they are one big scam!

The discount codes they give people don’t work! The owner calls people “racist” if they speak out against her, they block everyone who have a bad word to say against the company! They threaten you with lawyers if you say anything negative about them, (they don’t have lawyers, all threats) Alot of people’s necklaces have even been delivered to them broken!! Search “mirina collections” on YouTube to see the unboxings, most are broken.

Don’t be fooled by this company!! If they contact you, don’t reply and do what I done and actually give them money!! I have been speaking to others on Instagram who have gone through the same thing as me! If something sounds to good to be true, it normally is! And with such a small following that I have, I should of realised it was a scam!!

Btw I did get my money back, took me ages to get it back!! 

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4 thoughts on “Mirina collections… Are they a scam?

  1. That’s awful! I don’t think they ever had any intention of sending you sunglasses.. I’ve never heard of them before but I’ll stay far away =/


  2. I was emailed by them quite a few months ago, I luckily had a feeling about it and said no. Then I came across a beauty scam page on instagram (where they out shady companies) and they popped up! nothing more infuriating than scammers!


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