The liquid lipstick test! Who will survive?!


Today I thought I’d do something completely different and that is the liquid lipstick test, who will survive?! 

The lipsticks all claim to be matte, long lasting and waterproof, I put this to the test! Trust me, the winner will shock you…

The lipsticks I am using. In the order they are swatched on my arm, top to bottom are 

MUA velvet luxe 

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Lime crime 

eBay ones 



Max factor 

Velvet 59



Jeffree star

I would just like to add a disclaimer 

The same pressure was used on each part of my arm, there was no special treatment or me acting biased with any of the brands, I wear all these lipsticks but thought something like this may help those who don’t know the best long lasting lipstick to buy. 

On to the video! 


If the video doesn’t work for you. You can find it Here

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was something slightly different but I enjoyed doing it, if you want to see more little tests like this, please comment and let me know so I can make it happen! 

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The Cheap and Easy Z-Pallete

Some of you may be asking, Charlotte, what exactly is a z-pallet, well I shall tell you my lovely. 

A Z-pallet is a empty magnetic eyeshadow pallet, these are perfect for your single eyeshadows, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, morphe, zoeva, make up geek, ect. 

But, to buy these they range from £7 and up!! 

So Im going to tell you how to make one for less then £5!! 

Things you will need 

1. A empty pallet, this can be a cheap one from eBay, just take out the pallet that was inside, for my one I used a eyeshadow pallet from eBay that cost 99p. 

2. Any type of cleaning product and paper towels. This is to clean the outside and inside of the pallet, make it nice and clean 

3. Scissors and a pen. This is to measure and mark where you’ll need to cut 

4. Self adhesive magnetic paper. This is what you’ll be placing inside your pallet. I got mine on eBay for £1.99.

That is literally everything you’ll need! 

To watch the step by step process, go over to my YouTube channel –

Here you’ll see me making the z-pallet from scratch and under 5 minutes!! 

If videos are not your thing. 

Step one: Choose a pallet that is big enough for your shadows, the style you want and one that will fit the magnetic paper

Step two: Remove whatever was inside the pallet, then clean the outside and inside of your chosen pallet, making sure you get right in the corners 

Step three: measure your magnetic paper against your pallet, marking where it starts and ends so you’ll know where to cut 

Step four: try to cut as straight as you can, if not, this isn’t a problem, you can tidy it up later, always cut it bigger then you think you’ll need it, just so you don’t take to much off at once

Step five: if you need to trim it, then go ahead, but if it fits, take the sheet off the back, stick it down and make sure it’s flat

Step six: place on your single eyeshadows

And your done!! Your now the owner of your very own z-pallet, saved yourself some money and you can do this for as many pallets as you need!!! 

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