Hello everyone!

I wanted to share with you today my review and honest opinion on the Lacure exfoliating mudmask.

Now I am a huuuuuge glamglow fan and these apparently are just as good, if not better then the Glamglow exfoliating mask (the black one)

The glamglow exfoliating mask is actually my favourite out of the whole glamglow range, so I was very sceptical going into this.

The lacure mud mask costs £6.99 in Aldi. They sell out very very quickly. When I went today there was only 2 left!

The glamglow exfoliating mask is £39 but apparently have now gone up to £42 (I have inside sources😉)

On first impression, they smell exactly the same!
Both have that minty witch hazel smell which I love!

Glamglow has more chunks in it where as the lacura one is a lot more smooth.

The packaging of the lacure one is very sleek, its silver and black which I enjoy. I love simple packaging.

Upon putting it on, I noticed I only had to use a little bit, a little bit goes a long way with this product!

It started to dry pretty much as soon as I stopped applying it.

It says you only need to leave this on for 5-10 minutes which is perfect for me! The glamglow one is 10-15 minutes.

I noticed a slight tingle, nothing compared to the glamglow one.

Whilst it was on, I decided to read the actual things it promises.

It promises to….
Visibly minimise the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.
It also promised to leave skin looking INSTANTLY more radiant and feeling firmer.

Now I'm 25, I don't have wrinkles. But I do have large pores and fine lines around my eyes.
I also have very dull looking skin.

It contains clay and extracts of green tea, witch hazel and red algae.
Not as many ingredients as the glamglow mask, but still good ingredients nevertheless.

You get 50ml of product which is a good amount of product for a facemask!
I believe the glamglow is the same amount!

I found taking it off abit tricky as it dries down so quickly! You really need to soak the mask and then scrub it gently in circular motions.

Once it was off, I really inspected my face.

And to my surprise….

I was shocked!

I actually think I've fallen in love with this product after one use!

My pores we're pretty much non existent, the fine lines around my eyes had shrunk massively!
My skin looked glowing and honestly, it felt firm!

One thing they don't say on the packaging but something I noticed.

It also cleared out my blackheads! I could see them on the pad as I was washing it off!

I 100% believe this is going to take over my glamglow masks!

If your a lover of glamglow, honestly try this!

In my opinion, it's like the black mask and white mask in one!!

I will definitely be stocking up next time I go to Aldi because these fly of the shelves and I can understand why!
They are amazing!
And at £6.99 I'm speechless!

Hope you enjoyed this review!

My glossybox and birchbox reviews will be up soon.

I have my glossybox but it was missing a item so have to wait for that to give it a proper review.

Until next time

Charlotte xo

Look fantastic beauty box – Global Glamour edition

This blog will contain spoilers about the August global glamour box by look fantastic.
If you are awaiting your box and want it to be a surprise. Stop reading now!

For all those that are still here.
I will be doing a cost break down of each product
How long it took for my box to arrive and how much I paid for the box

So firstly.
The box is £15
With that they stated the box has a worth of £40 or more.
They also stated you get 7 products with one or more being full size.

I purchased the box on the 2nd of August around 5:30pm
I received the box today, today is the 4th of August at around 8:30am

The box is delivered Royal Mail tracked& signed for
So it does arrive very quick!

So let's talk about my first impressions of the box

Before I even opened it, my first thought was, it was heavy, I had never received a beauty box that heavy before.

Once I opened the packaging I saw the box. It's a aqua blue colour with a birds eye view of the world on it (definitely goes with the name of the box)
It also has Global glamour, look fantastic written in the middle of the box in gold.
Not a huge fan of that, I much prefer there normal black and white boxes.

Upon opening the box, I notice 2 magazines, a Elle magazine and the normal look fantastic magazine.
Now I know why the box was so heavy.

If anyone has ever bought a Elle magazine you will know they are heavier then your normal magazine.
The price of this magazine is £4.30

Let's jump to the products!!

My first reaction was okaaaaay….
Wasn't really happy but wasn't really disappointed

What you get inside the box is
Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner, these are sample sizes.
I actually really like this shampoo and conditioner but it wasn't something I expected to see inside this box. Considering you can buy the full size for around £5

Working out the size difference and how much you get in these compared to the full sizes. I worked these out to cost around
£2.49 each!

The next product I saw was the Lottie London Balm Ball lip hydrator.
I was sent the sent apple which is extremely strong.
Not something I would apply all day.
This is the only full size product inside the box and it retails for £4.99

We then have the Lord& Berry magic eyebrow pencil. It claims that due to its two-colour universal tip it suits all eyebrow colours.

I was sent the shade brunette
I am excited about trying this.

The full size retails for £14
Unfortunately there is nothing on the sample size to tell you how much product you get. So I've worked it out to be around £7 for the sample size.

We then have the Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm.

It claims to have anti wrinkle ingredients and has a SPF30.
Again there is nothing on the box/tube stating how much product you get but based on weight, I worked it out to be around £4 for this size. The full size product is £18

As you can see from my swatch, it is far to light for me.
I filled out my personal profile to state I had a medium skin tone. So I won't be using this.

Next we have the Gatineau gentle skin toner.
You may of received the cleanser instead of the toner.

This is another sample size.
It smells very very strong so it clearly contains alcohol, which is good for my skin. I have a oily skin type, but not good for those with dry skin.

Based on the amount of product you get, I've worked out this to cost £3.29
Full size is £26.36

Last but not least we have the Korres moisturising body milk.
It says various sents but I can't find a sent name on mine. It does however smell very very fruity.

Price for a full size product is £8.00
Based on weight I've worked this out to cost £1.75

In total, this box is worth a whopping…..


Giving us a profit of


Which is very disappointing considering they claimed it was worth over £40!

I with they had the prices in the magazine but obviously by prices are just estimates based on weight and how much product is in each.

I am most excited to try the eyebrow pencil and read the magazine.
The rest, I'm not that interested in.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you stick around!

I am expecting my birchbox and glossybox any day now!
I will do the same for those and at the end, based on profit, price of the box and products inside, we will see who's won the battle!

Until next time
Charlotte xo

How much is your face worth tag..

I spend to much money on make up. Said no woman, ever” 

Helloooo all you beautiful people out there in blogging land! 

Today I am doing the “How much is my face worth” tag! 

Now I haven’t been tagged by anyone, because, well let’s face it, I’m not popular enough *inserts crying face*

But I’ve wanted to do this for a little while, things kept coming up, so today’s the day 


I will insert a photo as the bottom, as per usual of today’s look, today’s look is the look I will be pricing up. 

I won’t include brushes in this, that’s a whole different tag… 

Let’s start. 

First off I use a primer, recently I have been loving Loreal Paris infallible matte primer, this gives you the perfect base to work with, minimises pores and keeps the oils at bay, all day, no seriously, all day. This retails in boots for £7.99

Next I go in with my foundation, today I used the Too faced born this way, I am in the shade porcelain, this is by far my favourite foundation, it’s medium coverage which can be built to a full coverage, it has a Demi matte finish and looks beautiful on the skin, this retails in debenhams for £29.00

After foundation I like to use a concealer, today I used the Lasting collection long lasting concealer, I actually mentioned this in my dupe post, this was my dupe for the urban decay naked skin, you can find this in boots for £4.19

Next it’s powder, I use 3 different powders here, first let’s talk baking! Not a cake, baking under the eyes. For this I use the Coty airspun powder, this is literally my ride or die powder, I have been using it for years, it is my far my favourite for baking the face, you can find this on Amazon for £10.45

To set the rest of my face I use the Mac studio fix power, I use a big fluffy brush and dust is all over my face, I like this because it gives me slightly more coverage. You can find this at Mac for £22

To sweep of my bake and highlight under my eyes I like to use Mac studio fix powder, if your as pale as me, this will actually highlight your under eye! Because it’s straight up white! I love this stuff! You can find this at Mac for £22

From my bronzer I used the Mac give me sun and yup! You guessed it, you. Can find it at Mac for £24

My highlight of choice today was the Sleek solstice pallet, I used the peach and the gold colour together, this is at superdrug for £9.99, but be quick, this sells out soooo quickly!!! 

For blush I used Nars blush in orgasam, I found mine on feel unique for £24, this is another that sells out so quickly! 

Total- £131.62

Let’s move onto the eyes

So first I like to use a eye primer, today I used the Nyx concealer jar, you can get this at boots for £5.50

I then set that with Freedom decadence pallet, I used the lightest shade to do this. You can get this on the freedom website for £6

To darken up my crease I went in with a taupe shadow, the one I used was Latte by make up geek, this is £4.95 from beauty bay. 

Sticking with make up geek (the same link above can be used) I then went in with cherry cola to deepen my crease even more. This is also £4.95

To add some more red tones into the shadows I went in with Shaaanxo pallet by bh cosmetics, I used the brick red colour, you can find this on the bh cosmetics website for $14.50, about £11

Using the same Shaaanxo pallet I then went in with the rose gold and just put that on my lid. 

I then used Poundland liquid eyeliner for my winged liner. This is my favourite eyeliner I have ever used! This is £1 from poundland. 

For my mascara I used the Loreal Paris red carpet black, this is £7.99 from boots

For the eyeliner in my waterline I used Gosh waterproof eyeliner, this is £6.49 from superdrug

My eyelashes are Ardell natural wispies. These are £5.49 in boots and I applied these with the Duo lash glue. Favourite duo… 

For my eyebrows I used the Nyx eyebrow pencil, I love this pencil, I find it just glides over the brows and is very pigmented! You can find this at boots for £7.00

Sticking with eyebrows, I set my brows using the Modelco more brows thickening gel, you can get this online for £13

Total- £67.88

Lip time!! 

On my lips I am wearing Jeffree star cosmetics in the shade rose matter. Of course, this is sold out right now. But Jeffree star does indeed ship to the uk!!! This costs $18 but it works out to be £12!

Total- £12.00

To set everything I used the Mac prep and prime, this costs £17.50 from Mac… 

Total- £17.50

So that’s everything! Let’s work out how much it all cost

Drumroll please…. 

My face today… Was worth… 


I actually don’t think that’s to bad considering I do use alot high end products, you may disagree with me but I think I have a good balance of high end and drug store! 

I’d love to see your how much is my face worth tags! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this! 

Until next time

Charlotte x



Highend dupes!!!! 


For today’s blog I thought I’d talk about some dupes!

Disclaimer: some of these are not perfect dupes, they may need to be built up more or have different formulas but the colours are pretty much spot on! 


High end- Urban decay naked skin, £17.50

Dupe- Collection 2000 lasting perfection £4.19 

LA girl pro concealer £5.00 


High end- Nars all day luminous £32.00 

Dupe- loreal Paris lumi £10.99 

High end- Clinique beyond perfecting £25.00 

Dupe- loreal infallible £8.99 

Setting powder- Laura mercier £29.99 

Dupe- nyx hd setting powder £8.99 

Coty airspun powder £8.00 


High end- Melt radioactive stack (yellow) £49 

Dupe- Revolutionmakeup in acid £1.00 


High end: Mac velvet teddy £15.50 

Dupe- sleek liquid lipstick in birthday suit £4.99 

Maybelline 24H beige be good £8.99

Setting spray: Urban decay all nighter setting spray £21 

Dupe: Nyx setting spray £6.00 

That is it for the dupes that I have found! I’m normally quite good at finding dupes so if there’s anything you want me to try and find, comment, let me know!

Thank you so much for reading! 

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Love Charlotte x

Sleek Solstice Highlight pallet- is it worth the hype?!

Yes! The time is here! My honest review on sleek’s highlight pallet in the shade Solstice. 

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock you would of heard about this pallet. I heard about it from jeffree star on YouTube, then after him, nikkie tutorials.

Of course if my 2 favourite make up artists have been raving about something, it must be good. So that means I must buy it!! 

Oh hello me😂

First off, it comes in a standards sleek box with the shades on the front, nothing special, just sleeks normal packaging. It’s now in my bin so I can’t show you. I was far to excited to get to the magical gold mirror packaging😍 

The gold case makes the product look so classy and expensive when really we’ve only paid £9.99 for it, but no one needs to know that 😉

It looks amazing in your make up collection, just a statement bold gold amazing pretty pallet. 

Now, when you get over how beautiful the case it and actually decide to open it, you will see 4 highlights and a brush. 

It contains 1 cream highlight and 3 powder highlights 

It also has a very nice mirror so you can look at your glowey face all day! 

The sides inside the pallet are 

  • Ecliptic- this is the cream highlight, it is a dark rose pink shade, could almost pass for rose gold. 
  • Hemisphere- this is a beautiful marble pink colour, this looks like a baked highlight, it contains some silver pigment as well as pink.
  • Subsolar- this is a light gold colour, looks more yellow then gold, more like a custard colour. 
  • Equinox- this is a peachy orangey colour, again this looks baked as it has some silver includes with the orange. 

Before I show you the swatches, I want to show you the colours close up and personal, these photos are using the flash so you can see the full effect

  • Ecliptic 
  • Hemisphere
  • Equinox

All of the highlights are very smooth. One swipe and you get alot of pigment. 

So here’s the swatches- 

First I will show them without the flash.

Shades from Left-right 

Equinox, subsolar, hemisphere, ecliptic.

And now with the flash. Swatches are in the same order as before 

I mean come on now…. This was from one swipe, I didn’t have to build the colour up at all! I literally have no faults with this pallet, all of the colours are beautiful, my favourites are hemisphere and Equinox they are absolutely stunning!

I was really worried about receiving this after the nightmare and fail that was the sleek eyeshadow pallet

If you want to check that out I shall link it Here

So all in all, yes, this item is 100% worth the hype!!!

If your wanting to buy it, I would sign up for email notifications with superdrug to find out when it’s back in stock. This little baby sells out within seconds. 

They restocked it yesterday at 12, it was sold out by 2!! 

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BH Cosmetics. Shaaanxo Pallet First impression+ Review

I actually forgot I had ordered this because it took a while to come. But yaaaay!!! I am now the newest owner of the Shaaanxo pallet by bh cosmetics! 

I used the pallet today for today’s make up, which is what you see in the picture. 

The shades with the hearts round are the colours I used. 

I have to be honest tho, I must prefer the eyeshadows to the lipsticks in this pallet. 

The lipstick are very gloopy, not sure if that’s a word, but they are very very gloopy, especially the bright pink, that just gets everywhere. 

I did do swatches for each lip colour but I have to wax my lip and I couldn’t remove the hair from the photo😂 so I shall do swatches using them another day. Here’s the swatches from the eyeshadows. 

The eyeshadows are very buttery, they blend so nicely and all the colours are so pretty, I especially love the rose gold colour and the brick red colour. They are amazing colours

The lipsticks claim to be long wearing. They do stay on and look very nice, all the colours are pretty, but as soon as you eat or drink they come off. It’s not surprising though considering they are not a matte finish. The bright red did seem to stain my lips to. That I didn’t I. I don’t like staining lipsticks. 

The pallet itself tho is really nice, I love the packinging and the fact the eyeshadows and lipsticks are kept separate. It has a nice magnetic shutting so you know it’s closed and it’s not to big so you could pop it in your bag for touch ups. But, the problem with that is needing to take a lip brush with you. Unless you just use your finger haha!!

This pallet cost me £19 including postage. Which in my eyes is amazing for a youtuber pallet (look at mannymua pallet. £45!!! Plus postage) I love manny so please don’t jump on me but the shaaanxo pallet is a very good price!! It did take a while to come but I think that’s because they was back logged? Maybe? 

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Dressing table, YouTube and makeup

So before I start this, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has followed my blog and is reading my posts. I know it can be hard to read sometimes, I have addressed this before but I am dyslexic, when I got tested just before Christmas I had the reading age of 10 and the spelling age of 9. So not great but since I’ve been getting help I now have a reading and spelling age of 16! Woo! Handwriting still needs some work but you don’t see that, haha. So I apologise if things I write don’t make sense or punctuation is in the wrong place. To me it looks right lol. 
But jumping straight in!

I got a dressing table! Didn’t come with a mirror so the woman knocked £70 of it, taking it down to £50!! 

I’ve always wanted a dressing table but never been able to afford one. So… Here’s my new baby😍 

It’s a beautiful white shabby chic table with a beautiful stool, the mirror was mine already, just added it ontop but I think it goes really nice with it, what do you think? Should I buy a new one? A white one? 

I love it! So happy to finally have a table!! 

YouTube news! 

So as a few of you know, I started a YouTube channel, haven’t been doing it long but I’m on 15 subscribers 

I’m loving filming videos and editing them, it’s giving stuff to do in the evenings and it’s actually really fun to do! 

Here’s the videos I already have uploaded. My channel is Charlottedaisymakeup. If anyone wanted to check it out😉 

The videos ent the best quality but I’m just having fun 

And now on to make up…. As from Wednesday last week. I am now a qualified makeup artist!!! I’m so happy to finally say I am qualified, got the certificate, I’ve been working up to this for years! I have been self teaching myself since I was 13! 11 years and I’m finally qualified!!! 

I can’t wait to start building up more clients!

Also, hopefully this Wednesday I’d be finished college, so that’s means I will also be a qualified level 2 beauty therapist. I will be going back in September to do level 3 media make up, that’s just sfx stuff really! I can’t wait!! 
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