Graphic liner with Glitter

“Everything is wearable, if your wearing it- Mykie 2016”

Hellooooo everyone!!! 

I feel like the quote at the start is the perfect quote for this kind of look! 

The products I used for this look are

Makeup gallery pro liner in black- this was used to create the wing, you can find this at poundland for £1!!! Amazing stuff! Takes abit of practice to get the hang of it, but once you do, the product is amazing! 

Jeffree star cosmetics velour liquid lipstick in virginty- i filled in the wing using this on a small detailed brush, jeffree star’s lipsticks are eye safe so they was the perfect product to use for this look! 

Lit glitter in the shade heavy metal- I used this for under my lower lash line, it’s beautiful and lightweight, it also has different shades of golds and silvers in which make it the perfect balance of golds for this pastel look 

Ardell baby Wispie lashes- These eyelashes are so small and cute that they was the obvious choice for this look, looking full without hiding the amazing graphic wing

Gosh waterproof pencil eyeliner- I applied this in my waterline and also tight lined my eyes using this

Carli byble, bh cosmetics eyeshadow- I used the taupe and lilac colour and put it just in the crease to add some more colour on my lid. 

Honestly this look is so easy to do, it just takes practice and alot of back and forth, cleaning up your lines, to clean up my lines I used a small angled brush and some eye make up remover. Easier then a cotton bud because it’s smaller. 

I actually first saw this look done by swayze J Morgan on Instagram and I just had to recreate it! 

I’d love to see your take on this look! Maybe using a different colour or without the glitter? 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. 

Charlotte x 




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