Look fantastic beauty box – Global Glamour edition

This blog will contain spoilers about the August global glamour box by look fantastic.
If you are awaiting your box and want it to be a surprise. Stop reading now!

For all those that are still here.
I will be doing a cost break down of each product
How long it took for my box to arrive and how much I paid for the box

So firstly.
The box is £15
With that they stated the box has a worth of £40 or more.
They also stated you get 7 products with one or more being full size.

I purchased the box on the 2nd of August around 5:30pm
I received the box today, today is the 4th of August at around 8:30am

The box is delivered Royal Mail tracked& signed for
So it does arrive very quick!

So let's talk about my first impressions of the box

Before I even opened it, my first thought was, it was heavy, I had never received a beauty box that heavy before.

Once I opened the packaging I saw the box. It's a aqua blue colour with a birds eye view of the world on it (definitely goes with the name of the box)
It also has Global glamour, look fantastic written in the middle of the box in gold.
Not a huge fan of that, I much prefer there normal black and white boxes.

Upon opening the box, I notice 2 magazines, a Elle magazine and the normal look fantastic magazine.
Now I know why the box was so heavy.

If anyone has ever bought a Elle magazine you will know they are heavier then your normal magazine.
The price of this magazine is £4.30

Let's jump to the products!!

My first reaction was okaaaaay….
Wasn't really happy but wasn't really disappointed

What you get inside the box is
Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner, these are sample sizes.
I actually really like this shampoo and conditioner but it wasn't something I expected to see inside this box. Considering you can buy the full size for around £5

Working out the size difference and how much you get in these compared to the full sizes. I worked these out to cost around
£2.49 each!

The next product I saw was the Lottie London Balm Ball lip hydrator.
I was sent the sent apple which is extremely strong.
Not something I would apply all day.
This is the only full size product inside the box and it retails for £4.99

We then have the Lord& Berry magic eyebrow pencil. It claims that due to its two-colour universal tip it suits all eyebrow colours.

I was sent the shade brunette
I am excited about trying this.

The full size retails for £14
Unfortunately there is nothing on the sample size to tell you how much product you get. So I've worked it out to be around £7 for the sample size.

We then have the Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm.

It claims to have anti wrinkle ingredients and has a SPF30.
Again there is nothing on the box/tube stating how much product you get but based on weight, I worked it out to be around £4 for this size. The full size product is £18

As you can see from my swatch, it is far to light for me.
I filled out my personal profile to state I had a medium skin tone. So I won't be using this.

Next we have the Gatineau gentle skin toner.
You may of received the cleanser instead of the toner.

This is another sample size.
It smells very very strong so it clearly contains alcohol, which is good for my skin. I have a oily skin type, but not good for those with dry skin.

Based on the amount of product you get, I've worked out this to cost £3.29
Full size is £26.36

Last but not least we have the Korres moisturising body milk.
It says various sents but I can't find a sent name on mine. It does however smell very very fruity.

Price for a full size product is £8.00
Based on weight I've worked this out to cost £1.75

In total, this box is worth a whopping…..


Giving us a profit of


Which is very disappointing considering they claimed it was worth over £40!

I with they had the prices in the magazine but obviously by prices are just estimates based on weight and how much product is in each.

I am most excited to try the eyebrow pencil and read the magazine.
The rest, I'm not that interested in.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you stick around!

I am expecting my birchbox and glossybox any day now!
I will do the same for those and at the end, based on profit, price of the box and products inside, we will see who's won the battle!

Until next time
Charlotte xo

The liquid lipstick test! Who will survive?!


Today I thought I’d do something completely different and that is the liquid lipstick test, who will survive?! 

The lipsticks all claim to be matte, long lasting and waterproof, I put this to the test! Trust me, the winner will shock you…

The lipsticks I am using. In the order they are swatched on my arm, top to bottom are 

MUA velvet luxe 

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Lime crime 

eBay ones 



Max factor 

Velvet 59



Jeffree star

I would just like to add a disclaimer 

The same pressure was used on each part of my arm, there was no special treatment or me acting biased with any of the brands, I wear all these lipsticks but thought something like this may help those who don’t know the best long lasting lipstick to buy. 

On to the video! 


If the video doesn’t work for you. You can find it Here

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was something slightly different but I enjoyed doing it, if you want to see more little tests like this, please comment and let me know so I can make it happen! 

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Superdrug haul/first impression 

I have recently started buying make up from the drug store again, I stopped for a while because I kept having bad experiences with the products I was buying, but so far so good, I’m extremely happy with everything I got from SuperDrug, I did get a little bit scared when all the high school kids started running in and started to rub the sample lipsticks all over the hands. So I did run away and hide behind the hair dyes. So moving on, the balm highlighter, little lottie soap star and freedom brush shower was bought online, since when did superdrug stock the balm?! I mean I’m not complaining but hook a girl up with this information!! 

I’ve been hearing a lot about the new but old loreal inflable range, yes I know I’m late to the party, but like I hinted at already, drug stores and make up excited teenagers scare me… Anyway, so yes, I know I’m late, but this stuff is amazing, the primer is so soft, honestly feels like silk on my face, the foundation, a tiny bit goes a long way! Such a full coverage foundation, I wouldn’t say it’s super matte though, more a Demi matte, the powder is really nice too, keeps everything looking soft without looking Cakey. 

I paid £7.99 each for the primer and foundation and £4.99 for the powder, happy days💪🏻

The next thing I bought was the revlon colourstay concealer, I was heartbroken when urban decay had sold out of my shade of there naked skin concealer so had to find a new one, I don’t really have any great things to say about this, the applicator felt like it scratched my skin, you get hardly any product out because it’s got that annoying plastic bit that scrapes of the product, only good thing tho is it did blend out nice, I wouldn’t buy it again. I paid £5.99 for it. 

Freedom have really upped my brow game!! There promade is most definitely a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow!! I’m in love with it and it saves me so much money! At £5 for the promade and £3 for the powder you can’t go wrong! It’s amazing, long lasting, doesn’t dry as quick as the dip brow so you have longer to work with it and it doesn’t feel really hard on my eyebrows. 10/10! 

Duo lash glue, this glue is literally my best friend, only glue I’ve found that doesn’t irritate my eyeballs, but that keeps my lashes on all day! Only downside is it smells like fish… Other then that, it’s great! It cost me £6!

Oh on to the beauty that is the balm Mary-Lou manizer😍😍 I have no words except, beautiful, it’s the most gorgeous champagne colour that is so pigmented!! You don’t need much at all to be able to be seen from space! Love love love it! This cost £23 I believe. I will double check and get back to you. 

Lottie London soap star and freedom brush shower, can I just say before I talk about these, I used to use real techniques brush cleaner and it used to take me 2 hours to do all my brushes, 2 hours!!! 

With these 2 products you’d think it would take longer right?…. WRONG!! 

It took me 45 mins!! 45 mins to wash every single brush I had and the handles, they are amazing and they smell lush!!! I can’t even describe how good they are, seriously go buy them! I use the brush shower everyday now after I do my make up just to make sure all the bugs are dead😃 

The lottie London was £8 and the brush shower was £4. Again I will double check but I’m sure that’s right. 

The picture below is the make up I have mentioned today on my face😘 
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