Hello everyone!

I wanted to share with you today my review and honest opinion on the Lacure exfoliating mudmask.

Now I am a huuuuuge glamglow fan and these apparently are just as good, if not better then the Glamglow exfoliating mask (the black one)

The glamglow exfoliating mask is actually my favourite out of the whole glamglow range, so I was very sceptical going into this.

The lacure mud mask costs £6.99 in Aldi. They sell out very very quickly. When I went today there was only 2 left!

The glamglow exfoliating mask is £39 but apparently have now gone up to £42 (I have inside sources😉)

On first impression, they smell exactly the same!
Both have that minty witch hazel smell which I love!

Glamglow has more chunks in it where as the lacura one is a lot more smooth.

The packaging of the lacure one is very sleek, its silver and black which I enjoy. I love simple packaging.

Upon putting it on, I noticed I only had to use a little bit, a little bit goes a long way with this product!

It started to dry pretty much as soon as I stopped applying it.

It says you only need to leave this on for 5-10 minutes which is perfect for me! The glamglow one is 10-15 minutes.

I noticed a slight tingle, nothing compared to the glamglow one.

Whilst it was on, I decided to read the actual things it promises.

It promises to….
Visibly minimise the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.
It also promised to leave skin looking INSTANTLY more radiant and feeling firmer.

Now I'm 25, I don't have wrinkles. But I do have large pores and fine lines around my eyes.
I also have very dull looking skin.

It contains clay and extracts of green tea, witch hazel and red algae.
Not as many ingredients as the glamglow mask, but still good ingredients nevertheless.

You get 50ml of product which is a good amount of product for a facemask!
I believe the glamglow is the same amount!

I found taking it off abit tricky as it dries down so quickly! You really need to soak the mask and then scrub it gently in circular motions.

Once it was off, I really inspected my face.

And to my surprise….

I was shocked!

I actually think I've fallen in love with this product after one use!

My pores we're pretty much non existent, the fine lines around my eyes had shrunk massively!
My skin looked glowing and honestly, it felt firm!

One thing they don't say on the packaging but something I noticed.

It also cleared out my blackheads! I could see them on the pad as I was washing it off!

I 100% believe this is going to take over my glamglow masks!

If your a lover of glamglow, honestly try this!

In my opinion, it's like the black mask and white mask in one!!

I will definitely be stocking up next time I go to Aldi because these fly of the shelves and I can understand why!
They are amazing!
And at £6.99 I'm speechless!

Hope you enjoyed this review!

My glossybox and birchbox reviews will be up soon.

I have my glossybox but it was missing a item so have to wait for that to give it a proper review.

Until next time

Charlotte xo

Look fantastic beauty box – Global Glamour edition

This blog will contain spoilers about the August global glamour box by look fantastic.
If you are awaiting your box and want it to be a surprise. Stop reading now!

For all those that are still here.
I will be doing a cost break down of each product
How long it took for my box to arrive and how much I paid for the box

So firstly.
The box is £15
With that they stated the box has a worth of £40 or more.
They also stated you get 7 products with one or more being full size.

I purchased the box on the 2nd of August around 5:30pm
I received the box today, today is the 4th of August at around 8:30am

The box is delivered Royal Mail tracked& signed for
So it does arrive very quick!

So let's talk about my first impressions of the box

Before I even opened it, my first thought was, it was heavy, I had never received a beauty box that heavy before.

Once I opened the packaging I saw the box. It's a aqua blue colour with a birds eye view of the world on it (definitely goes with the name of the box)
It also has Global glamour, look fantastic written in the middle of the box in gold.
Not a huge fan of that, I much prefer there normal black and white boxes.

Upon opening the box, I notice 2 magazines, a Elle magazine and the normal look fantastic magazine.
Now I know why the box was so heavy.

If anyone has ever bought a Elle magazine you will know they are heavier then your normal magazine.
The price of this magazine is £4.30

Let's jump to the products!!

My first reaction was okaaaaay….
Wasn't really happy but wasn't really disappointed

What you get inside the box is
Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner, these are sample sizes.
I actually really like this shampoo and conditioner but it wasn't something I expected to see inside this box. Considering you can buy the full size for around £5

Working out the size difference and how much you get in these compared to the full sizes. I worked these out to cost around
£2.49 each!

The next product I saw was the Lottie London Balm Ball lip hydrator.
I was sent the sent apple which is extremely strong.
Not something I would apply all day.
This is the only full size product inside the box and it retails for £4.99

We then have the Lord& Berry magic eyebrow pencil. It claims that due to its two-colour universal tip it suits all eyebrow colours.

I was sent the shade brunette
I am excited about trying this.

The full size retails for £14
Unfortunately there is nothing on the sample size to tell you how much product you get. So I've worked it out to be around £7 for the sample size.

We then have the Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm.

It claims to have anti wrinkle ingredients and has a SPF30.
Again there is nothing on the box/tube stating how much product you get but based on weight, I worked it out to be around £4 for this size. The full size product is £18

As you can see from my swatch, it is far to light for me.
I filled out my personal profile to state I had a medium skin tone. So I won't be using this.

Next we have the Gatineau gentle skin toner.
You may of received the cleanser instead of the toner.

This is another sample size.
It smells very very strong so it clearly contains alcohol, which is good for my skin. I have a oily skin type, but not good for those with dry skin.

Based on the amount of product you get, I've worked out this to cost £3.29
Full size is £26.36

Last but not least we have the Korres moisturising body milk.
It says various sents but I can't find a sent name on mine. It does however smell very very fruity.

Price for a full size product is £8.00
Based on weight I've worked this out to cost £1.75

In total, this box is worth a whopping…..


Giving us a profit of


Which is very disappointing considering they claimed it was worth over £40!

I with they had the prices in the magazine but obviously by prices are just estimates based on weight and how much product is in each.

I am most excited to try the eyebrow pencil and read the magazine.
The rest, I'm not that interested in.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you stick around!

I am expecting my birchbox and glossybox any day now!
I will do the same for those and at the end, based on profit, price of the box and products inside, we will see who's won the battle!

Until next time
Charlotte xo

Living with BDD

Hey guys. This isn’t something I talk much about, but I think it’s finally time to speak about it. 

I have BDD which is also known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder, I don’t speak about it because I don’t want people to say I’m vain, I just want attention etc but I think it’s something that people need to be aware off. 

First things first, if you also suffer with this, you are not alone, more people then you would think suffer with BDD, it’s a very common mental health disorder, it’s just not spoken about enough. 

So I’m going to start from the beginning, when this all started. 

I just want to say, I am still struggling with this everyday, I am in no way a expert and I am no where near getting better. 

This all started when I moved schools in year 3. I was bullied at my previous school so my mum moved me to a new one, everything was going great, I was a good student, I was very clever, popular and loved going to my new school, until some girls who I thought was my friends started saying I was fat and I needed to loose weight. 

So I stopped eating. 

I mean, I still ate, but I didn’t eat properly, just so I could loose weight, I used to throw my lunch in the bin when I was at school. So I was only eating breakfast but I would take so long to eat it that I couldn’t finish it in time for school and then dinner where again, I would only eat a small amount. 

My mum didn’t really think anything of it because I used to snack throughout the day when I was at home but I wasn’t really eating, I’d take food and hide it in my room then put it back later when she was in bed or having a bath. 

This went on for about a year.

By this time I was tiny, my mum was worried and took me to the doctors but they said it was nothing to worry about and I was just a small build. 

Year 6 came around, where things got much much worse, the same girls, who I thought was my friends, started calling me ugly, saying I couldn’t be friends with them because I was so ugly, fat and stupid, that I’d never get a boyfriend because I was to ugly. 

I believed them and even tho I’m married now, I do still believe them, boys in school would flock to them like a dog on heat, I was always in the back, alone. No one wanted me, because I was ugly. 

High school. 

I dropped out of school in year 10, because I couldn’t take the bullying anymore. I had boyfriends in high school, but I still knew, I was ugly. Everything they said ate me up, I hated myself. I wanted to change everything, I used to cut out pictures of celebrities and put certain body parts of there’s on pictures of me, thinking, that’s what I want to look like. 

Things got worse again when I started getting acne, my skin was terrible, so they called me polka dot, they also used to shout out to me on pancake day “oh it’s charlottes day, pancake day” mainly because I have no boobs. 

This is when I started to play with make up, it made me feel good, but then I started to check what I looked like about 100 times a day! Probably more, any mirror, car window, anything that had a reflection, I would look in to make sure I looked okay, I changed my hair so regularly that my hair ended up so damaged. 

I just wanted to feel beautiful, just for one day, but that day has never come. 

When I was 15 I ended up being the smallest I’ve ever been, I had a very serious eating disorder that caused me to pass out all the time, but I still thought I was fat, because they told me I was. 

That’s me. When I was 15. That dress I’m wearing, was a size 4 and it was to big, hence the belt around my waist. 

Looking back at that photo makes me so sad because it was other people that made me do this to myself, but I’m also to blame, I shouldn’t of listened to them. 

My eating disorder lasted until I was 18, when I fell pregnant with my son, I knew I had to be healthy for him so I ate, I didn’t want him to come out unhealthy, it was hard but I knew i had to do it for him. My husband always would tell me how beautiful I was, I never believed him, I still don’t to be honest. 

Not long after having my son I ended up becoming a size 18, that was a huge shock to my system, I didn’t even want to leave my house, that’s when my eating disorder came back.

Even on my wedding day, I didn’t feel pretty, I felt so uncomfortable and I didn’t want my photo taken but it’s a wedding, these things happen.

I’m 24 now, almost 25, I’m now a size 8 and I’m still struggling with this everyday, I see girls on the street and wish I looked like them. I’m currently saving up to get lip injections so hopefully that will maybe make me feel better, I don’t know, I can only hope. 

BDD has this weird stigma behind it, that people with this condition love there selves and want people to compliment them so that they feel good, it’s not that at all, even when I get compliments, I don’t believe them. 

I can’t take photos with other people because I feel like a ugly duckling. 

I don’t stand next to people smaller then me, i keep a good amount of distance so I don’t look fat. 

I’m constantly checking what I look like, touching up my make up, rearranging my hair so I look good to others. 

I don’t eat things that can end up staying in my teeth and I don’t wear lipgloss/lipstick that can end up on my teeth. 

I’m always spraying perfume because I’m scared I might smell. 

Always chewing chewing-gum or mints incase my breathe smells. 

Brush my teeth 4 times a day so my teeth remin white. 

If a photo I upload gets less then 20 likes, I delete it because I must of been ugly in the photo. 

There’s more things to this that I do on a daily basis, but I don’t want to bore you. 

I hope this has opened your eyes up to what Body Dysmorphic Disorder is. It’s not the person being vain, it’s not wanting attention, it’s not wanting compliments, it’s just wanting to feel pretty and no matter how many compliments a person who suffers from this gets, they will never believe the person. 

Thank you for reading 

Charlotte x

Life update& New favourite products!


Im so sorry I haven’t been blogging at all recently! The reason for this is because…. 

I got a new job🙌🏻

I am working as a beauty consultant at benefit cosmetics which I love! 

So I am based in boots in my local town but on the benefit counter! 

It’s such a good feeling actually getting a job in something your so passionate about, plus, benefit have some amazing make up products that I get to play with everyday! So it’s a win win for me!!! 

But…. before I got the job at benefit, I had a job at a hair salon as a make up artist, well I don’t have much to say about that, apart from it was dodgy and if something seems to good to be true, it probably is. I ended up leaving there, not getting paid a penny, feeling like such a horrible person when in reality, I’m a lovely person. If someone comes to you and says “I can give you a job and make you rich” starts bragging about all the money they have, but not even have a shop full of staff then RUN AWAY!! As fast as you can!! 

So that’s a little update on where I’ve been so now onto my new found favourite products, don’t worry, this won’t be full on benefit haha! 


My new favourite foundation is actually from benefit, it’s the Hello Oxygen foundation, I’m in the shade ivory pure for sure, I love this foundation because it’s very soft on the skin, it doesn’t leave your face feeling heavy and it doesn’t go cakes throughout the day. I’ve been using this everyday since I got it and my skin has actually improved! 

This foundation is £26.50


My new favourite powder is the RCMA no colour powder, I love this for baking! It doesn’t leave your undereye area looking like a big sloppy mess, like it says in the name, it has no colour so it doesn’t change the colour of your concealer! I’ve been loving this since I bought it, it’s actually replaced my coty airspun powder! 

This powder is £9.95


I don’t exactly have a favourite lipstick shade but I do have a favourite brand and that would be Coloured raine

I feel like this company is very underrated, I own 6 of there liquid to matte lipsticks and each of them are amazing and beautiful! 

The shades I own are 

  • Classy
  • Marshmallow
  • Fame
  • Kotton kandy 
  • Sugar
  • Mars

They are a one swipe, full coverage, they are not streaky, they feel very comfortable on the lips and they don’t feel drying, they are very very long lasting, I love every single one of these and I will be buying more, you can find these at beauty bay and they are £16.

Also, I just wanted to add someone I’ve been obsessed with watching on YouTube and that is John kuckian, I’m not usually a big fan of drama channels but he is hilarious! I love watching him! Highly recommend!

So again, I’m so sorry for being away for so long! 

There’s been drama, happiness and new make up! So I hope you can forgive me! 

Please follow me on my Instagram for daily make up pictures, that is @Charlottedaisymakeup 

Hope you see you all again soon! 


Charlotte x

Graphic liner with Glitter

“Everything is wearable, if your wearing it- Mykie 2016”

Hellooooo everyone!!! 

I feel like the quote at the start is the perfect quote for this kind of look! 

The products I used for this look are

Makeup gallery pro liner in black- this was used to create the wing, you can find this at poundland for £1!!! Amazing stuff! Takes abit of practice to get the hang of it, but once you do, the product is amazing! 

Jeffree star cosmetics velour liquid lipstick in virginty- i filled in the wing using this on a small detailed brush, jeffree star’s lipsticks are eye safe so they was the perfect product to use for this look! 

Lit glitter in the shade heavy metal- I used this for under my lower lash line, it’s beautiful and lightweight, it also has different shades of golds and silvers in which make it the perfect balance of golds for this pastel look 

Ardell baby Wispie lashes- These eyelashes are so small and cute that they was the obvious choice for this look, looking full without hiding the amazing graphic wing

Gosh waterproof pencil eyeliner- I applied this in my waterline and also tight lined my eyes using this

Carli byble, bh cosmetics eyeshadow- I used the taupe and lilac colour and put it just in the crease to add some more colour on my lid. 

Honestly this look is so easy to do, it just takes practice and alot of back and forth, cleaning up your lines, to clean up my lines I used a small angled brush and some eye make up remover. Easier then a cotton bud because it’s smaller. 

I actually first saw this look done by swayze J Morgan on Instagram and I just had to recreate it! 

I’d love to see your take on this look! Maybe using a different colour or without the glitter? 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. 

Charlotte x 



Jeffree star summer limited edition velour liquid lipsticks- TRUE REVIEW

Whilst I’m waiting for fake tan to dry, thought what a better time to write this review!

So, the new jeffree star liquid velour liquid lipsticks. The new shades are 

Watermelon soda



Nude beach 

Queen bee- I don’t own queen bee because I didn’t personally want to look like a duck🐤 (if you bought it please don’t take offensive to my comment, it’s my own personal opinion) 

I believe they are all still in stock!!

Here’s the swatches of each colour

They all are $18, the same price as all the other shades, shipping to the uk is $10.95 so in pounds all together it works out to be £22 something. 

My experience with jeffree star cosmetics- 

Before this time, everything had gone very smoothly, I received my items within a week, they was perfect, went on perfectly and everything was great! 

This time however, they took my money before they even shipped my items! I paid over £50 for these, I was fobbed off with a fake tracking number and was told by the company to “stop emailing them and I will receive them when I do” hmmm okay… (Btw I would show the emails but I have actually deleted them, I done it by mistake! I cleared everything on my phone so I could have more memory and the emails went too) 

So…. 4 weeks later, I received my items. I had to pay £16.20 ontop for custom charges, I can’t blame the company for that, that’s not there fault, bloody VAT man! 

So in total, for these 4 lipsticks I paid over £60! I may aswell got the bloody bundle!! 

So now you’ve read my experience with the company, I shall talk about each shade

Watermelon soda:-

This is by far my favourite shade, the colour is literally like the colour of a watermelon, it goes on nicely, the colour is very intense, doesn’t bleed and it smells amazing! This colour is one of the best he’s done in my opinion! 


This is a very pretty nude lilac colour, it looks lush with a dark eye, it can make you look abit washed out but it’s a amazing colour, not streaky and doesn’t get bitty, again, another amazing colour by jeffree star

Nude beach and 714

Hmmmm…. Where to start with nude beach and 714…. Let me list the ways how these don’t seem and feel like a jeffree star lipstick… 

  • They are streaky as F! 

I have done everything to get these to work, I have used my jeffree star lipscrub, used thin layers, I put them in the fridge like he said on snap chat and I always shake my liquid lipsticks before use, these DONT WORK!! 

  • They tingle, and it hurts! 

I own pretty much every shade he has done in his liquid lipsticks, I’ve never known any of them to tingle before, it’s not even a nice tingle, it’s more of a burn, like the kind of sensation you get when you use lip voltage. Not good jeffree, not good… 

  • They are soooooo drying! 

Jeffree has always said his lipsticks are non drying… Well with these 2, that is a point blank lie! I’ve asked other people and they’ve said the same thing with these shades, my Cupid’s bow is so irrated and dry! 

  • They don’t dry to a matte! 

All of his liquid lipsticks dry to matte and some are transferable, but only slightly, these don’t really dry, nude beach, dries down slightly more the 714 but it is very tacky. 714 however doesn’t even dry!!! It gets everywhere!!

So these 2 are awful in my opinion, I’ve never had a problem with his liquid lipsticks before but these are horrible! 

714 I actually had before when he first launched it last year! and I didn’t have this problem with it! 

714 is the worst out the lot in my opinion. 

It’s almost like he’s changed the formula, the formula didn’t need to be changed, why fix what isn’t broken? 

Only thing I have to say which is good about them is the colours are beautiful. But that’s all. 

I have since emailed the company stating the points I have put here and hopefully something can be done, I just wanted to give people a review on them, a real honest review, not a youtuber who’s been sent them for free and has a biased opinion! 

I’ve always promised to be honest when it comes to my blog and that’s what I’m doing now! If you disagree with me then that’s your right to do so, but these are my thoughts and my true honest opinion. 

So my favourites in order are 

  • Watermelon soda
  • Virginity 
  • Nude beach
  • 714

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I’ve helped some of you out. 

Charlotte x



Counterfeit Makeup… Is it worth it?

“If something seems to good to be true- it probably is”

Hello lovely people in blogging land. 
Today I want to talk about something that I’m so passionate about. 

And that is counterfeit makeup… 

The reason I haven’t been blogging is because of this post. I have been doing as much research as possible so I can bring you facts rather then half truths. 

Myth- counterfeit products are made in China/Japan. 

Truth- counterfeit products can be made anywhere in the world!!!

Just because your buying something from your home country doesn’t mean it’s not a fake! 

I want to show you some photos now, these are not my own photos, these are photos I found whilst researching this. 

Lime crime:-

Notice how the lipstick inside the tube is all seperated. Lime crime liquid lipsticks don’t do that! Also all lime crime packaging and on the tube should have a “TM” next to it. These don’t! These are fakes!! 

There should also be a rose ontop of the lid. I can’t speak for the first photo but in this one, there’s no rose… 

I’m personally not a fan of lime crime anymore due to my own personal reasons. But this is what to look for when buying lime crime. Better still, just get it on there official website. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills:- 

Everything from abh has been faked. Down to the eyebrow pomade. I mean really… I actually feel sorry for the company! And I feel sorry for the people who are buying these fakes!! 

I do have to give it to them tho, these are the best looking fakes I have seen! The only difference is the colour, the tube however is exactly the same as the real one! I own some abh liquid lipsticks and was trying to compare them to the photos I was seeing and I couldn’t see much of a difference, the pattern in the gold band seems to be the only noticeable difference. 


As we all know, Mac lipsticks have a vanilla sent to them, from things I’ve read, the fakes smell like crayon or a really cheap lip balm… 

You will find not just with Mac but most counterfeit products, the packaging will be cheap and falling apart, like that really cheap plastic you can get. 

Kat von D- 

Again, another fake that could pass for real. Having a Kat von D pallet myself I did struggle to see the differences, the colours are slightly off but that could be bad lightening. When I was looking this up, people have said the packaging has a loud bang when it shuts rather then the real once which has a quiet magnetic closing. The font is different and the colour font is different. 

Don’t be fooled into buying fake counterfeit makeup!

Selling counterfeit makeup is illegal!!! 

If you suspect you’ve bought some or know someone that sells it, report them and demand your money back!! 

The places you are most likely to find fakes are 


If you’ve bought what you believe to be counterfeit makeup from eBay, contact them, explain what’s happened, they will get the account banned and give you your money back! 



Them links on Facebook promising you cheap makeup.

So now we know the basics… Let’s talk about what is actually in these products

I’m just going to list a few below 



Human urine

Rat droppings 



I mean, if you want that on your face, be my guest, but is finding something slightly cheaper really worth ruining your looks? 

Here’s some photos I found of people having a reaction after using counterfeit makeup 

To me, that’s not worth it.

Please don’t buy fake counterfeit makeup! 

Please buy from a respected store, beauty bay, beautylish ect. They stock brands some countries can’t get but they ship worldwide!

Better still, get them from the actual website!

Is saving £10 really worth your face? 

Something to ask yourself 

I hope you liked this blog, if you did please leave a comment and like. 

See you all soon

Charlotte x