Life update& New favourite products!


Im so sorry I haven’t been blogging at all recently! The reason for this is because…. 

I got a new job🙌🏻

I am working as a beauty consultant at benefit cosmetics which I love! 

So I am based in boots in my local town but on the benefit counter! 

It’s such a good feeling actually getting a job in something your so passionate about, plus, benefit have some amazing make up products that I get to play with everyday! So it’s a win win for me!!! 

But…. before I got the job at benefit, I had a job at a hair salon as a make up artist, well I don’t have much to say about that, apart from it was dodgy and if something seems to good to be true, it probably is. I ended up leaving there, not getting paid a penny, feeling like such a horrible person when in reality, I’m a lovely person. If someone comes to you and says “I can give you a job and make you rich” starts bragging about all the money they have, but not even have a shop full of staff then RUN AWAY!! As fast as you can!! 

So that’s a little update on where I’ve been so now onto my new found favourite products, don’t worry, this won’t be full on benefit haha! 


My new favourite foundation is actually from benefit, it’s the Hello Oxygen foundation, I’m in the shade ivory pure for sure, I love this foundation because it’s very soft on the skin, it doesn’t leave your face feeling heavy and it doesn’t go cakes throughout the day. I’ve been using this everyday since I got it and my skin has actually improved! 

This foundation is £26.50


My new favourite powder is the RCMA no colour powder, I love this for baking! It doesn’t leave your undereye area looking like a big sloppy mess, like it says in the name, it has no colour so it doesn’t change the colour of your concealer! I’ve been loving this since I bought it, it’s actually replaced my coty airspun powder! 

This powder is £9.95


I don’t exactly have a favourite lipstick shade but I do have a favourite brand and that would be Coloured raine

I feel like this company is very underrated, I own 6 of there liquid to matte lipsticks and each of them are amazing and beautiful! 

The shades I own are 

  • Classy
  • Marshmallow
  • Fame
  • Kotton kandy 
  • Sugar
  • Mars

They are a one swipe, full coverage, they are not streaky, they feel very comfortable on the lips and they don’t feel drying, they are very very long lasting, I love every single one of these and I will be buying more, you can find these at beauty bay and they are £16.

Also, I just wanted to add someone I’ve been obsessed with watching on YouTube and that is John kuckian, I’m not usually a big fan of drama channels but he is hilarious! I love watching him! Highly recommend!

So again, I’m so sorry for being away for so long! 

There’s been drama, happiness and new make up! So I hope you can forgive me! 

Please follow me on my Instagram for daily make up pictures, that is @Charlottedaisymakeup 

Hope you see you all again soon! 


Charlotte x


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