My favourite brow products and how to achieve “Brows on Fleek”


Anastasia Beverly Hills spoolie brush– this is a double ended brush with a angled brush on the end. But I don’t really like the brush part of it, love the spoolie tho! 

Real techniques 202 angled liner brush– this brush is amazing for getting a precise straight line, the brush itself isn’t to stiff but also isn’t to flexible so it makes it so easy to fill in your brows! Also the tip is very sharp, not sharp like it’s going to cut you but sharp as in you can get in all the gaps in your brows to make them look full and beautiful.

Mac 194 concealer brush– I love this brush for cleaning up and carving my brows, it’s thin and the perfect shape to easily clean up without making a mess all over your pretty eyebrows!

Nyx concealer jar in porcelain– I find this is the best concealer for carving out your brows. I use the lightest shade and normally drag it down onto my eyelid as the primer for my eyeshadow.

Freedom brow pomade– I switch between 3 colours depending on my mood and the weather. I use chocolate which is a dark rich brown. I use this more when I’m feeling my grungy look or when it’s really cold outside. Don’t ask why I match my brows to the weather haha. Soft brown, soft brown I use normally on a daily basis, it’s as the same suggests, a very soft brown, depending on how light your natural eyebrows are depends on the colour pay off, mine are very light that’s why mine looks very light. (It’s what I’m wearing in the photo) and taupe. I love wearing taupe in the summer, I love ashy colours when it’s summer, I feel ashy brows look better when you have a very bronzed face (I use alot of bronzer during the summer) 

Modelco more brows– I use this after I’ve filled in my brows and cleaned them up, this helps your brows appear thicker. I use the shade light/medium. This brow gel is my favourite to use, it keeps all the hairs in place all day and doesn’t look clumpy on the eyebrow. 


  • First using your spoolie brush through the hairs, making them all neat pretty, preferably the way you want them to sit at the end.
  • Taking a small amount of product on your angled brush, make a line on the bottom of your brow, starting from the front all the way to the tail of your brow. 
  • Do the same on the top of your brow but not bringing the product to far forward, start the line a bit more inside the eyebrow, about 1/4 in to get the faded effect, if you don’t want the faded effect then start the line from the start of the brow. 
  • Start filling in your brow, making it darker towards the tail and getting lighter towards the front, using small thin strokes until you are happy with the coverage and shape. 
  • Remember, you can keep going back if your not happy with the shape
  • Taking your concealer brush and your chosen concealer, carve out and tidy your brows, don’t rush, take your time, if you make a mistake you can always go back in with your eyebrow product.
  • Using your eyebrow gel, use most of the product in the middle of your brow, placing the hairs where you want them to sit, when there’s not a lot of product left on your brush use it on the hairs at the front of your eyebrows to make them stand up straight for that lovely faded eyebrow effect. 

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Afternoon kisses& kylie Jenner lips👄

Wanna know how I created the look above? Carry on reading, if you don’t scroll down to the bottom where I tell you how to get these smexy kylie Jenner lips using only one product!! 


Sleek Barekissed illuminator in Monaco. I use this as my primer. I applied it using my fingers all over my face until my face was glowing for the gods.

Nars all day luminous weightless foundation in the shade Gobi, I applied this using my beauty blender. First dapping on small amounts all over my face then blending it all in so my face was looking flawless.

L.A girl pro concealer in the shade porcelain, I used this for my concealer and to highlight the centre of my face. I blended it out using my beauty blender. 

Kat von d shade and light pallet, i used the shades levitation to set my concealer and subsonscious to contour my cheekbones, sides of my chin, sides of my nose and around my forehead. For the lighter shade I applied this using a tear shaped brush and for the darker shade I applied this using a slanted bronzer brush. 

Sleek highlighting pallet in the shade solstice, I used the shade hemisphere for my highlight today. I applied this using a Mac 184 highlighting brush. I applied it to the tops of my cheek bones, above my brow bone, tip of my nose and my Cupid’s bow. 


Kat von d shade and light eye pallet, I used the shades luowin for my all over base colour, latinus for my transition colour and Shax to darken out the outter corner.

Make up geek shadows, i used cherry cola to warm up the crease, Cinderella on the lid and phantom on the inner corner.

Poundland eyeliner in the shade black.

Loreal Paris false lash superstar in the shade red carpet black.

Ardell, natural lashes. 

Duo lash glue. 

Zoeva pencil liner in the shade myth.

All of the eyeshadows we’re applied using morphe brushes


Freedom brow pomade in the shade soft brown, I applied this using a real techniques angled liner brush 

Modelco eyebrow gel in the shade light/medium.

Nyx above& beyond full coverage concealer in the shade porcelain to tidy up and sharpen my brows. I used a real techniques angled brush to do this.


In this part I shall talk you through how to make your lips look bigger by just using one product. All your going to need is a matte liquid lipstick… 

I fancied having nice kylie Jenner lips today so I went for a nude brown lip. 

The lipstick I chose is sleek matte me ultra smooth lip cream in the shade birthday suit. In order to make your lips look bigger but not crazy big, you have to build it up, so I like to start on my bottom lip, slowly making my bottom lip look bigger, once I am happy I neaten it up using the same concealer brush I used on my eyebrows, then the dreaded top lip! In order to make them look bigger but not silly bigger, the trick is to only make the Cupid’s bow part of your lip bigger, you never want to make the sides look wider because that’s when you go from kylie Jenner to Pete burn. So just concentrate on the middle of your lips, making them as even as possible, once your happy, join it up in a straight line and clean up with your concealer brush. 

One product to beautiful kylie Jenner lips!

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Sleek Solstice Highlight pallet- is it worth the hype?!

Yes! The time is here! My honest review on sleek’s highlight pallet in the shade Solstice. 

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock you would of heard about this pallet. I heard about it from jeffree star on YouTube, then after him, nikkie tutorials.

Of course if my 2 favourite make up artists have been raving about something, it must be good. So that means I must buy it!! 

Oh hello me😂

First off, it comes in a standards sleek box with the shades on the front, nothing special, just sleeks normal packaging. It’s now in my bin so I can’t show you. I was far to excited to get to the magical gold mirror packaging😍 

The gold case makes the product look so classy and expensive when really we’ve only paid £9.99 for it, but no one needs to know that 😉

It looks amazing in your make up collection, just a statement bold gold amazing pretty pallet. 

Now, when you get over how beautiful the case it and actually decide to open it, you will see 4 highlights and a brush. 

It contains 1 cream highlight and 3 powder highlights 

It also has a very nice mirror so you can look at your glowey face all day! 

The sides inside the pallet are 

  • Ecliptic- this is the cream highlight, it is a dark rose pink shade, could almost pass for rose gold. 
  • Hemisphere- this is a beautiful marble pink colour, this looks like a baked highlight, it contains some silver pigment as well as pink.
  • Subsolar- this is a light gold colour, looks more yellow then gold, more like a custard colour. 
  • Equinox- this is a peachy orangey colour, again this looks baked as it has some silver includes with the orange. 

Before I show you the swatches, I want to show you the colours close up and personal, these photos are using the flash so you can see the full effect

  • Ecliptic 
  • Hemisphere
  • Equinox

All of the highlights are very smooth. One swipe and you get alot of pigment. 

So here’s the swatches- 

First I will show them without the flash.

Shades from Left-right 

Equinox, subsolar, hemisphere, ecliptic.

And now with the flash. Swatches are in the same order as before 

I mean come on now…. This was from one swipe, I didn’t have to build the colour up at all! I literally have no faults with this pallet, all of the colours are beautiful, my favourites are hemisphere and Equinox they are absolutely stunning!

I was really worried about receiving this after the nightmare and fail that was the sleek eyeshadow pallet

If you want to check that out I shall link it Here

So all in all, yes, this item is 100% worth the hype!!!

If your wanting to buy it, I would sign up for email notifications with superdrug to find out when it’s back in stock. This little baby sells out within seconds. 

They restocked it yesterday at 12, it was sold out by 2!! 

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Sleek Barekissed illuminator- shade Monaco review

Hello lovelys!!!! 

So, if you follow my blog you would have seen my review on a sleek eyeshadow pallet earlier today. 

In that post you’d of seen I was going to be reviewing another sleek product. 

So the Barekissed illuminator…

First of, it’s pink! I like pink, pink is good! 

This wouldn’t suit someone with a yellow undertone though. To find out what your undertone is, check out my post Here

I went into this opening minded, for someone who’s never tried the brand sleek before I was nervous. I was comparing this to another drug store illuminator, the Seventeen 3 in one highlighter

This is one of the best drug store primers I have used that keeps the skin Dewey without looking greasy and that keeps your foundation on all day. 

Both of them have a pink undertone 

The seventeen one is more of a light pink where as the sleek one is more of a dark rose pink

Both of them have the same finish but the sleek one is a tad more thicker then the seventeen as you can see from the photo. 

So… My review… 

Considering I had such a bad experience with the eyeshadow pallet. You can read about that Here

I was actually very happy with this! Even more happy then when I use my seventeen 3 in one highlighter, I was very pleasantly surprised, my foundation stayed on all day! It didn’t crease around my nose or lips, (those are the areas I have problems with) my skin looked fresh and Dewey without looking greasy. I really like this product! 

Also after removing my make up, my skin feels so smooth and looks really awake and fresh! I highly recommend this product!! 

You can find the product Here

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Wooo!!! Been nominated for liebster award!!! 

Thank you to Becky for the nomination!!

She has given us 11 questions to answer, I will answer them, then nominate 5-11 other bloggers and ask them 11 questions. So let’s gets started!!! 
                  Tea or Coffee?
100% coffee! I’m addicted to it! My husband actually has banned me from drinking it past half 7, otherwise I don’t sleep haha!
 If you could only buy one beauty product for the rest of your life what would it be?
Make up! 100%
This one is a no brainer for me. I’m a Mua so without make up i wouldn’t have a job haha! 
   Whats your best blogging tip?
Just be yourself, don’t pretend to be someone else to fit it, just be yourself and people will love you 
        How did you come up with       your blog’s name/title?
I used my first name, my middle name and added make up on the end haha, I don’t have a great imagination when it comes to naming things, straight to the point is more my style haha 
    What is your favourite quote?
Don’t worry about love because I’m fairy tales they don’t find each other until the last page. Also have it tattooed on me  
If you could eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
Do you prefer Winter or Summer?
Honestly, neither, i love Spring but if I had to pick one, I’d pick summer.
What social media site do you use the most?
Instagram- my insta is
   What is your favourite drug store and high end product?
My favourite drug store product is Poundland liquid eyeliner. It’s amazing! I’ve done a whole blog post on them! And my favourite high end product has to be jeffree star liquid lipsticks! They are just perfection 
    What is your skin care routine?
Strict, I use a cleanser morning and night, exfoliater 3 times a week, Toner morning and night, moisturiser in the morning and oils at night 
         Favourite TV series?
American horror story or pretty little liars
                  The rules are:
Thank the blogger who nominated you; Answer the given 11 questions (down below); Leave another 11 questions for 5-11 blogs that you will nominate yourself (all under 200 followers)
My questions are:
Pepsi or coke?
Nights out or nights in?
Favourite high end make up brand?
Favourite high street make up brand?
What item of make up could you not live without and why?
If you was stranded on a desert island and could only have 3 things with you, what would they be and why? 
What’s your best beauty secret? 
What would you say, is your best feature?
Your favourite lipstick, shade and brand?
Why did you start your blog? 
Favourite song right now? 

I nominate   

Beauty blush




Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Collection- All the fun of the fair pallet- is it worth the hype?

Longest title ever I know haha. 

Today I am going to be telling you my personal experiences on this pallet and giving my opinion on if it’s worth the hype?

I got the pallet from superdrug. It cost £8.99

First of the box is beautiful. So many beautiful colours with a photo of a feris wheel. 

On the back of the box it gives a really cute description of the pallet. Tilt your heads to the side and read the back haha. 

The part you want to remember on the back is highly pigmented and long lasting. But we’ll come back to that later on. 

Next I’m going to show you the pallet itself and inside. The colours are beautiful. The pallet is a sleek (see what I did there) black pallet with pastel blue writing on it. 

When you get inside the pallet you are greated with 12 beautiful pastel shades, 4 shimmer colours and 8 matte colours 

You get a nifty little brush too, I like to keep these to do my inner corner highlight with.

I had so many ideas that I could do with this pallet. I was going to do a beautiful cotton candy eye with a hint of blue on the lower lash line. 

Yeah…. That plan failed.

Remember where they promised the shadows are highly pigmented and long lasting…. NO!!! THEY LIED!!!

At first I thought maybe I picked up a dodgy pallet. So I asked people who had the same pallet. They had exactly the same problem as me! 

These shadows are NOT pigmented like they promise and I tried applying them in so many different ways. A flat brush, a fluffy brush, my finger, wetting the brushes, wetting the shadows, wetting my finger… NOTHING!! 

I even tried to build them up, for half a hour… Again NOTHING!! 

I am honestly so disappointed with this pallet. The colours are absolutely stunning but what good are they if they don’t even work?! 

So my honest opinion. Save your money. Go for a revolution or freedom pallet. 10 times more pigment then this pallet. 

I am currently testing out the Sleek bare kissed illuminator in the shade Monaco. Review of that product will be up in the next few days
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BH Cosmetics. Shaaanxo Pallet First impression+ Review

I actually forgot I had ordered this because it took a while to come. But yaaaay!!! I am now the newest owner of the Shaaanxo pallet by bh cosmetics! 

I used the pallet today for today’s make up, which is what you see in the picture. 

The shades with the hearts round are the colours I used. 

I have to be honest tho, I must prefer the eyeshadows to the lipsticks in this pallet. 

The lipstick are very gloopy, not sure if that’s a word, but they are very very gloopy, especially the bright pink, that just gets everywhere. 

I did do swatches for each lip colour but I have to wax my lip and I couldn’t remove the hair from the photo😂 so I shall do swatches using them another day. Here’s the swatches from the eyeshadows. 

The eyeshadows are very buttery, they blend so nicely and all the colours are so pretty, I especially love the rose gold colour and the brick red colour. They are amazing colours

The lipsticks claim to be long wearing. They do stay on and look very nice, all the colours are pretty, but as soon as you eat or drink they come off. It’s not surprising though considering they are not a matte finish. The bright red did seem to stain my lips to. That I didn’t I. I don’t like staining lipsticks. 

The pallet itself tho is really nice, I love the packinging and the fact the eyeshadows and lipsticks are kept separate. It has a nice magnetic shutting so you know it’s closed and it’s not to big so you could pop it in your bag for touch ups. But, the problem with that is needing to take a lip brush with you. Unless you just use your finger haha!!

This pallet cost me £19 including postage. Which in my eyes is amazing for a youtuber pallet (look at mannymua pallet. £45!!! Plus postage) I love manny so please don’t jump on me but the shaaanxo pallet is a very good price!! It did take a while to come but I think that’s because they was back logged? Maybe? 

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