Where have I been?

If you’ve been wondering where I have been, I shall tell you, I’ve had chicken pox!!! 

24 years old and I had chicken pox😩, was a experience I never want to go through again, wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, basically is was horrible. 

I still have them but they’ve scabbed over now, the photos down below are from day one… 

If you don’t like spots, I don’t think you should go any further

So day one, wasn’t to bad, I had a headache and felt really tired and that was about it

Day 2, I had the worst fever ever!! I slept all day, was being sick, couldn’t eat, my throat had swollen, it was not a good day, but I didn’t have any more spots, until day 3… Brace yourself….

I looked like a extra in breaking bad!!!! Pass me the crack pipe… Spent the whole week binging game of thrones and old episodes of TOWIE…

I was in agony, luckily this was the last spots that came out, I’m on day 6 now and there just scabby and nasty, so…. I put make up on for the first time in a week🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Sorry this has been quick and not very nice, just wanted to let you know where I had been 

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