Blue& pink themed make up!! 


Mac prep& prime as primer 

Loreal lumi magique base as a extra primer

Loreal infallible 24h matte and loreal lumi magique mixed together for my foundation (I use the shades natural rose- infallible and rose pearl- lumi) 

Nyx above& beyond full coverage concealer in the shade green to colour correct

LA girl pro. Conceal in the shade porcelain to highlight my face 

Loreal Paris alliance perfect concealer in the shade cafe coffee to contour my face 

Coty airspun powder in translucent to bake my highlight 

Kat von D contour pallet to darken my contour 

Bourjois Paris gold bronzing powder to bronze my face 

Revolution highlight pallet to add more highlight my face

Mac prep+ prime as a setting spray 


Freedom brow pomade in the shade chocolate for my eyebrows 

Barry M brow wow pencil in the shade medium- dark for my eyebrows 

Poundland eyeliner in black and silver for my winged liner 

Freedom pro 12 secret rose pallet for my crease eyeshadow 

Revolution highlight pallet (the White shade) for my lid and my inner corner

Revolution ultimate eyeshadow collection using the blue shades for my lower lash line

Seventeen coal liner for my lower waterline 

False lash superstar red carpet black by loreal Paris for my mascara 

Ardell Demi wispies lashes applied with duo lash glue 


Maybelline colour sensational lip liner in the shade sweet pink to line my lips 

Nyx liquid suede cream lipstick in the shade tea and cookies for my lipstick 

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Poundland liquid eyeliner, is it even worth £1?!

Today we are talking liquid eyeliner! 

These eyeliners are £1… Yes £1 from poundland. 

I’ve been looking for a new eyeliner since I ran out of my Kat von D tattoo liner, I tried so many different liners until someone suggested poundland, at first I put my nose up, poundland make up? Really?

Then one day I became desperate, I had ran out. I didn’t like my soap and glory one, my nyx one, my topshop one, so I decided to try it, went into poundland, got the eyeliner, handed over my pound,  I was now the newest owner of a poundland liquid eyeliner. 

Now I’m not going to lie, I put off using it, I was scared I would end up with a dirty eye infection. 

Then it came to taking selfies, I missed my winged liner soooo much that I finally caved and tried the eyeliner out. 

First thing first, the brush is so thin, it’s so easy to get that sharp perfect wing instantly, no faffing about, it’s black, like really black, it doesn’t leave light bits, it’s just very black straight away, it’s matte which is always what you want when it comes to a liquid liner, dries within seconds, doesn’t crumble off your eye and doesn’t rub off when you put eyelashes on…

But how can this be?! It’s £1! I thought maybe I just had a faulty one (I know, sounds stupid) so I tried another one, same thing, perfect everytime!! 

This eyeliner isn’t only cheap, it’s amazing! This has upped my eyeliner game so Much! I now get the perfect wing everytime! (I will add some photos of the liner in action) 

If you have a poundland near you, honestly, go and buy it!! You won’t be disappointed!! So today, I went and bought 7 more, 3 black ones, just to stock up, 1 grey, 1 blue, 1 gold glitter and 1 silver glitter! 

Can’t wait to play and create some looks with the different colours. 

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The Selfie phone case, worth the money? Or complete waste of time?

As many of you know, I am trying to break into the world of make up using Instagram, for that you need good pictures of your work, being a mother to a 5 year old and full time student I can’t afford to be buying expensive cameras for the job, I know a lot of people use there iPhone with either a LED mirror or a LED phone case. 

So I decided to try the phone case. I bought this for £8.99 on eBay and got it in the colour rose gold

⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ link for the product 

It came very quickly, literally in one working day!! 

So I was impressed with that! 

It comes with a wire so you can charge the phone case which I found slightly odd Haha and instructions on how to use the case. 

So you can adjust the light as bright or as low as you want it, you can have it flashing in different ways, it’s really fun 

A little video on the lights for you
So does it work for selfies? 

Yes and no…

It doesn’t work when it’s on the phone

But it works when it’s off the phone and you hold it in certain places 

This photo is one I took before having any kind of lightning helping my photos

This is using the LED phone case, I held it just by my nose and used the back camera on my iPhone SE and it worked really well! I was so happy! Next step, buying a LED mirror! 

So to wrap this up, yes it does work, but it doesn’t work as well on your phone as it does off

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Mirina collections… Are they a scam?

Hello you lovely lot, today I want to talk to you about a company, that company is called mirina collections.

Some of you may already know them and been contacted by them, some of you may of never heard of them before this. Well I’m going to help you with that. 

About 2 months ago I got contacted by a woman called safyah who works for mirina collections, she told me I was the Perfect person to be a ambassador for the company and if I agreed to it I would get a statement necklace for free, I would only have to pay for the weight and shipping, there necklaces are already $100+ so this seems like a great deal right? I was so excited! I told everyone, I had my first ever sponsorship!! 

You’d be getting a handmade necklace for just weight and shipping which is roughly $40 depending on which piece you choose. 

Now I’m not a big fan of big chunky jewellery so I asked if I could have sunglasses instead which she agreed and said I’d get 15% off the price, so I paid $15 for the sunglasses, in pounds it was about £12 something, not to bad for a pair of one of a kind sunglasses. 

Well let me tell you, if your thinking, all of the above sounds good, you’d be wrong. Here’s a necklace on mirinas website 

Beautiful isn’t it, it should be for $129.00

But wait… 

Here’s exactly the same necklace on Amazon. 

And that one is…. £6.99!!!!!


And here’s another one. 

This company is a joke. I’m luckily I only bought sunglasses… Which again, can be found online, just search “fake Dior sunglasses” 

I’m going to insert our conversation down below so you can read for yourself 

Disclaimer: this will be a long read as there’s lots of emails back and forth, the first email I got from them is the longest but make sure you read it properly. 

After that email I got blocked from emailing them. So I took to Instagram 

And then got blocked from there Instagram. Today they decided to unblock and follow me again, then I see there still scamming so many people! That’s why I had to write this post, to show people that they are one big scam!

The discount codes they give people don’t work! The owner calls people “racist” if they speak out against her, they block everyone who have a bad word to say against the company! They threaten you with lawyers if you say anything negative about them, (they don’t have lawyers, all threats) Alot of people’s necklaces have even been delivered to them broken!! Search “mirina collections” on YouTube to see the unboxings, most are broken.

Don’t be fooled by this company!! If they contact you, don’t reply and do what I done and actually give them money!! I have been speaking to others on Instagram who have gone through the same thing as me! If something sounds to good to be true, it normally is! And with such a small following that I have, I should of realised it was a scam!!

Btw I did get my money back, took me ages to get it back!! 

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Where have I been?

If you’ve been wondering where I have been, I shall tell you, I’ve had chicken pox!!! 

24 years old and I had chicken pox😩, was a experience I never want to go through again, wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, basically is was horrible. 

I still have them but they’ve scabbed over now, the photos down below are from day one… 

If you don’t like spots, I don’t think you should go any further

So day one, wasn’t to bad, I had a headache and felt really tired and that was about it

Day 2, I had the worst fever ever!! I slept all day, was being sick, couldn’t eat, my throat had swollen, it was not a good day, but I didn’t have any more spots, until day 3… Brace yourself….

I looked like a extra in breaking bad!!!! Pass me the crack pipe… Spent the whole week binging game of thrones and old episodes of TOWIE…

I was in agony, luckily this was the last spots that came out, I’m on day 6 now and there just scabby and nasty, so…. I put make up on for the first time in a week🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Sorry this has been quick and not very nice, just wanted to let you know where I had been 

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Milia… The removal

I have suffered with milia on my eyelid for around 6 months, not long, I know, but ever since getting it, it has been the bane of my eye make up life! Especially blending! 

If you don’t know what Milia is, it is a build up of keratin, now even though keratin is good for us, for our skin, nails and hair, the last thing we want is a mini cyst around your eyes due to build up of keratin. 

Things to remember: 

Milia is not a spot, you cannot squeeze it and expect it to be gone

It’s not from being dirty, so there not formed by germs or bacteria. 

They are not dangerous, they won’t harm your eyes at all

You can’t remove them by any type of antibiotics, they are not a infection. 

The removal:

The way milia is removed is by slicing the area in a cross using a teeny tiny needle, you can do it yourself but if someone else is going to do it, make sure they are qualified and confident enough to do it, especially if you have one where I did, right near my lash line. You can see in the photo below, the red part near my eyelid is where my milia was. 

Once the slices have been made you then squeeze it out, I felt her giving it a little wiggle to get it out, once it’s out, it comes out like a little white pearl. 

I’m not going to lie, it was probably the most painful thing I have gone through. Especially with it being on my eyelid, but it was worth it to have a nice smooth eyelid again. 

I had mine removed by the level 3 beauty therapists at college but salons also do provide this treatment. If you are finding yourself wanting yours removed, make sure the salon is licenced to do so and that the therapist has removed them before and feels confident enough to remove them. 
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April favourites

Hello again and welcome back, today I am going to talk about my favourites from the month of April. 

First off, I want to talk about 2 drug store foundations that have taken over my life recently and they are the LOreal infallible 24h matte and the LOreal lumi magique. 

I know I’m late to the party with these but I’ve had a irrational fear of drug stores, if you read my superdrug haul I talk about it there. 

These 2 foundations together have replaced my NARS all day luminous, they last all day, have amazing coverage, doesn’t crease on me, love love love them!!!

Secondly, lash glue, the duo lash glue that has been around for years, this glue has stepped up my lash game

Only problem with it, it stinks of fish but despite that, I’ve been grabbing it everyday to apply my falsies and I will never look back! Keeps my lashes on all day, they don’t feel tight and best part, it doesn’t leave you with that horrible after glue residue that you have to pick off, it comes off nicely and again, I love it! I recommended this glue if your addicted to false eyelashes like me 🙂 

Again, yes I know, im late to the party but this highlight for a while was impossible to find in stock anywhere! So when I found out superdrug stocked the balm, I was on it, I bought it and I loved it, the perfect amount of highlight in one swoop, a beautiful champagne gold colour that, if you pile on enough, you could see from space, and I’m all about my highlight being seen from space! 

My next favourites are eyebrow pomades

Amen to freedom for making something so amazing and affordable, I believe these are £5 and they are BETTER, yes I said it… Better then Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow! I use these everyday, I don’t even know where my dip brow has gone because these little babies have taken over my life! I use the shades soft brown and chocolate… 

And lastly we have a lipstick

I love nyx, I love the formula of there liquid suede lipsticks but this colour, this is the shade Tea and cookies, I just love it, to much, if you imagine being a tea party, the shade of the lipstick is the colour that is the icing that is normally on a biscuit at a tea party, that beautiful dusty rose pink, I own all the colours but I’ve almost used all of this and I bought it in April! 

So that’s it for my favourites from the month of April, I hope you enjoyed.

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Problem skin? best colour corrector/foundation coverage

Hello again!!! Just a little disclaimer, I am not a writer, I’m also dyslexic so me doing this is taking a lot of courage, the reason I am doing this is because I love makeup, I love talking about make up and giving advice when it comes to make up, I’m sorry if what I write doesn’t make sense but to be honest, you don’t have to read it and I don’t really care what you think of me, I’m going to keep writing about make up weither you like it or not 🙂 

So now that’s out of the way, today I’m going to talk to you about the items I use for my skin, how I cover my acne and uneven skin tone, which products I use and how I use them. 

This is me, with no make up on at all, I’m going to tell you how I get from that, to this

So first things first, primer, I like to use a matte setting spray as a primer when I have break outs, I find this is the best thing for my skin, it cools it down (my skin gets very hot when I have breakouts) and it gives me a nice smooth base to work on, my favourite is the NYX matte setting spray

I then go in with my colour correctors, my favourite are the nyx above& beyond full coverage concealer, I use the green on my redness and breakouts and the porcelain shade on my under eye circles, I find that is has a slight pinky tone to it, so it’s perfect for covering up those dark circles 🙂 

I use just a standard concealer brush to apply the product to the areas, once I have applied, I use a beauty blender to blend it out, I don’t 100% blend it into my skin, I blend it so it’s the lightest it could possibly be

I then go in with a darker concealer, my favourite is loreal true match in the shade warm beige

I place this over the top of each place I have colour corrected with the green and buff into my skin, I find it just helps buff it out and give more coverage for the next step. 

The next step is foundation, my favourite super full coverage foundation is this bad boy 

This foundation is amazing if you want super full all day coverage!! This is my go too when I’m having a bad skin day, I use a beauty blender to apply it, making sure it’s properly buffed into my skin and that there’s no areas that have “caked”up, that’s the only problem with this foundation, because it’s so thick you do have to work to blend it out. 

I then like to go in with my favourite drug store concealer 

I use this to lighten up the centre of my face and under my eyes, just so my face isn’t all one shade😂 and again, I buff it out using a beauty blender, once I’ve blended it all out, I use the coty airspun loose powder in the shade translucent,

I use this to bake the concealer I have just used, this will make the area lighter and prevent creasing throughout the day. 

On the other parts of my face I use loreal infallible 24h matte powder in the shade beige

This sets the areas of my foundation where I haven’t placed the lighter concealer and also gives that little bit more coverage. 

I use a big fluffy brush to apply it. 

Once I have finished my eye make up, I remove the loose powder using a big fluffy brush and finally, I set everything with the nyx matte setting spray. 

That is my normal face routine for when I’m having a bad skin day, I hope you enjoyed reading 🙂 

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ABH liquid Lips vs MUA velvet lip lacquer 

I’ve heard a lot of people saying recently that the MUA velvet lips are a dupe for ABH liquid lips, so I decided to try it out.

So the ABH retail for £21, correct me if I’m wrong, I haven’t bought them for a while. If you have been living under a rock, these took the social media make up world by storm, by having a amazing formula that went on smooth, highly pigmented with one swipe, turning into a matte lip and lasting all day, I’m honestly not a huge fan of them, I find they was to hyped up at the start, they slightly tingle my lips and I find my lips crack and bits flake of onto my teeth throughout the day. They don’t last all day on me. But maybe they just don’t agree with me, I don’t know, so when I heard that MUA have a liquid to matte lipstick that was a dupe to the ABH lip, I decided to get some. 

The shades from top to bottom are 

Harmony (which I’m wearing right now) 


And unity

So same principle as the ABH lipsticks, highly pigmented, turns to a matte, goes on smooth, the only difference is, these ones don’t seem to flake off, I’ve eaten and drank from a coffee take away cup since wearing it and it’s still on, hasn’t transferred onto my teeth, They do feel very drying but with most liquid to matte lipsticks, they are very drying, only one I’ve found to not dry your lips out is jeffree stars liquid lips, but at only £3, you can’t really complain, just get a really good lip balm for when you’ve taken it off.

ABH do have more colours available then MUA but the colours are so pretty, i instantly fell in love with Unity when I saw it and can’t wait to try it out!

So you decide, £21 for ABH or £3 for MUA, I know what I’m going to be spending my money on in future😉
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