Jeffree star summer limited edition velour liquid lipsticks- TRUE REVIEW

Whilst I’m waiting for fake tan to dry, thought what a better time to write this review!

So, the new jeffree star liquid velour liquid lipsticks. The new shades are 

Watermelon soda



Nude beach 

Queen bee- I don’t own queen bee because I didn’t personally want to look like a duckšŸ¤ (if you bought it please don’t take offensive to my comment, it’s my own personal opinion) 

I believe they are all still in stock!!

Here’s the swatches of each colour

They all are $18, the same price as all the other shades, shipping to the uk is $10.95 so in pounds all together it works out to be Ā£22 something. 

My experience with jeffree star cosmetics- 

Before this time, everything had gone very smoothly, I received my items within a week, they was perfect, went on perfectly and everything was great! 

This time however, they took my money before they even shipped my items! I paid over Ā£50 for these, I was fobbed off with a fake tracking number and was told by the company to “stop emailing them and I will receive them when I do” hmmm okay… (Btw I would show the emails but I have actually deleted them, I done it by mistake! I cleared everything on my phone so I could have more memory and the emails went too) 

So…. 4 weeks later, I received my items. I had to pay Ā£16.20 ontop for custom charges, I can’t blame the company for that, that’s not there fault, bloody VAT man! 

So in total, for these 4 lipsticks I paid over Ā£60! I may aswell got the bloody bundle!! 

So now you’ve read my experience with the company, I shall talk about each shade

Watermelon soda:-

This is by far my favourite shade, the colour is literally like the colour of a watermelon, it goes on nicely, the colour is very intense, doesn’t bleed and it smells amazing! This colour is one of the best he’s done in my opinion! 


This is a very pretty nude lilac colour, it looks lush with a dark eye, it can make you look abit washed out but it’s a amazing colour, not streaky and doesn’t get bitty, again, another amazing colour by jeffree star

Nude beach and 714

Hmmmm…. Where to start with nude beach and 714…. Let me list the ways how these don’t seem and feel like a jeffree star lipstick… 

  • They are streaky as F! 

I have done everything to get these to work, I have used my jeffree star lipscrub, used thin layers, I put them in the fridge like he said on snap chat and I always shake my liquid lipsticks before use, these DONT WORK!! 

  • They tingle, and it hurts! 

I own pretty much every shade he has done in his liquid lipsticks, I’ve never known any of them to tingle before, it’s not even a nice tingle, it’s more of a burn, like the kind of sensation you get when you use lip voltage. Not good jeffree, not good… 

  • They are soooooo drying! 

Jeffree has always said his lipsticks are non drying… Well with these 2, that is a point blank lie! I’ve asked other people and they’ve said the same thing with these shades, my Cupid’s bow is so irrated and dry! 

  • They don’t dry to a matte! 

All of his liquid lipsticks dry to matte and some are transferable, but only slightly, these don’t really dry, nude beach, dries down slightly more the 714 but it is very tacky. 714 however doesn’t even dry!!! It gets everywhere!!

So these 2 are awful in my opinion, I’ve never had a problem with his liquid lipsticks before but these are horrible! 

714 I actually had before when he first launched it last year! and I didn’t have this problem with it! 

714 is the worst out the lot in my opinion. 

It’s almost like he’s changed the formula, the formula didn’t need to be changed, why fix what isn’t broken? 

Only thing I have to say which is good about them is the colours are beautiful. But that’s all. 

I have since emailed the company stating the points I have put here and hopefully something can be done, I just wanted to give people a review on them, a real honest review, not a youtuber who’s been sent them for free and has a biased opinion! 

I’ve always promised to be honest when it comes to my blog and that’s what I’m doing now! If you disagree with me then that’s your right to do so, but these are my thoughts and my true honest opinion. 

So my favourites in order are 

  • Watermelon soda
  • Virginity 
  • Nude beach
  • 714

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I’ve helped some of you out. 

Charlotte x




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