Counterfeit Makeup… Is it worth it?

“If something seems to good to be true- it probably is”

Hello lovely people in blogging land. 
Today I want to talk about something that I’m so passionate about. 

And that is counterfeit makeup… 

The reason I haven’t been blogging is because of this post. I have been doing as much research as possible so I can bring you facts rather then half truths. 

Myth- counterfeit products are made in China/Japan. 

Truth- counterfeit products can be made anywhere in the world!!!

Just because your buying something from your home country doesn’t mean it’s not a fake! 

I want to show you some photos now, these are not my own photos, these are photos I found whilst researching this. 

Lime crime:-

Notice how the lipstick inside the tube is all seperated. Lime crime liquid lipsticks don’t do that! Also all lime crime packaging and on the tube should have a “TM” next to it. These don’t! These are fakes!! 

There should also be a rose ontop of the lid. I can’t speak for the first photo but in this one, there’s no rose… 

I’m personally not a fan of lime crime anymore due to my own personal reasons. But this is what to look for when buying lime crime. Better still, just get it on there official website. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills:- 

Everything from abh has been faked. Down to the eyebrow pomade. I mean really… I actually feel sorry for the company! And I feel sorry for the people who are buying these fakes!! 

I do have to give it to them tho, these are the best looking fakes I have seen! The only difference is the colour, the tube however is exactly the same as the real one! I own some abh liquid lipsticks and was trying to compare them to the photos I was seeing and I couldn’t see much of a difference, the pattern in the gold band seems to be the only noticeable difference. 


As we all know, Mac lipsticks have a vanilla sent to them, from things I’ve read, the fakes smell like crayon or a really cheap lip balm… 

You will find not just with Mac but most counterfeit products, the packaging will be cheap and falling apart, like that really cheap plastic you can get. 

Kat von D- 

Again, another fake that could pass for real. Having a Kat von D pallet myself I did struggle to see the differences, the colours are slightly off but that could be bad lightening. When I was looking this up, people have said the packaging has a loud bang when it shuts rather then the real once which has a quiet magnetic closing. The font is different and the colour font is different. 

Don’t be fooled into buying fake counterfeit makeup!

Selling counterfeit makeup is illegal!!! 

If you suspect you’ve bought some or know someone that sells it, report them and demand your money back!! 

The places you are most likely to find fakes are 


If you’ve bought what you believe to be counterfeit makeup from eBay, contact them, explain what’s happened, they will get the account banned and give you your money back! 



Them links on Facebook promising you cheap makeup.

So now we know the basics… Let’s talk about what is actually in these products

I’m just going to list a few below 



Human urine

Rat droppings 



I mean, if you want that on your face, be my guest, but is finding something slightly cheaper really worth ruining your looks? 

Here’s some photos I found of people having a reaction after using counterfeit makeup 

To me, that’s not worth it.

Please don’t buy fake counterfeit makeup! 

Please buy from a respected store, beauty bay, beautylish ect. They stock brands some countries can’t get but they ship worldwide!

Better still, get them from the actual website!

Is saving £10 really worth your face? 

Something to ask yourself 

I hope you liked this blog, if you did please leave a comment and like. 

See you all soon

Charlotte x




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