Make up of the day 

“Is it to late now to say sorry, cause, I’m missing more then just your body”

Hello all you lovely readers out there in blogging land

I apologise for the Justin bieber at the start, it’s stuck in my head… 

Today I want to share my make up of the day with you all, because, I really like it and I’m going out later, this will stay on all day!

So get comfortable, grab a cuppa, because in order for this to stay on allllll day/night we used a lot! And I shall tell you then all! 



Primer- Loreal Paris infallible matte.

Colour correcting- Nyx full coverage concealer in green 

Foundation- Too faced born this way

Concealer- LA girl pro concealer and Collection 2000 lasting perfection. 

Contour- Loreal Paris true match concealer 

All of the above was blended out/in using a beauty blender. 

Powder- coty airspun loose setting powder and Mac studio fix powder 

I used a big fluffy brush to apply the Mac studio fix all over my face and a beauty blender to apply my loose powder under my eyes to bake! 

Highlight powder- Nyx eyeshadow in whipped Cream

I used a small angled face brush to wipe away my bake and apply the eyeshadow to the area to lighten everything up

Bronzer- Mac give me sun

I used a big big fluffy brush and just applied it everywhere, well not everywhere, just where I wanted to be bronzed up

Setting my contour- sosusan light diffuser highlight and contour duo

I used a angled face brush to apply this ontop of my liquid contour

Highlight- The balm Mary Lou manizer

I used a small flat face brush to apply this on the tops of my cheekbones, brow bone, tip of my nose and Cupid’s bow


Eyebrows- freedom brow pomade and modelco thickening gel

I used a small angled brush to apply the brow pomade and then applied the thickening gel

Eyes- this will be easier if I show you each shadow…  

  1. Prime your lids. Shade porcelain 
  2. Set the primer- freedom pro12 secret rose 
  3. Apply sellotape to the sides of your eyes to get that sharp line
  4. Using the same pallet, start deepening the crease 
  5. Blend out as you go
  6. Apply colour just on the outter corner, make up geek, cherry cola 
  7. Blend out into the centre, add the colour slowly 
  8. Add more colour in the outter corner, Shaaanxo pallet 
  9. Blend until your arm falls off
  10. From the same pallet, add shimmer on the lid 
  11. Apply black eyeliner on your top and bottom water line. 
  12. Using the Shaaanxo red colour smoke out your bottom lash line. 
  13. Add mascara to top and bottom lashes 
  14. Choose your favourite lashes
  15. Stick those bad boys on
  16. Add highlight to your inner corner, I used Mary Lou.
  17. Remove the sellotape 

And your done with the eyeballs!

Lips- lined with Mac whirl and filled in with Jeffree star mannequin 

That is literally the whole look done!! 

Thank you for reading! 

Next time I will talk brushes more, I just find brushes are brushes, don’t need expensive brushes.

I hope you enjoyed 

Charlotte x


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