My favourite brow products and how to achieve “Brows on Fleek”


Anastasia Beverly Hills spoolie brush– this is a double ended brush with a angled brush on the end. But I don’t really like the brush part of it, love the spoolie tho! 

Real techniques 202 angled liner brush– this brush is amazing for getting a precise straight line, the brush itself isn’t to stiff but also isn’t to flexible so it makes it so easy to fill in your brows! Also the tip is very sharp, not sharp like it’s going to cut you but sharp as in you can get in all the gaps in your brows to make them look full and beautiful.

Mac 194 concealer brush– I love this brush for cleaning up and carving my brows, it’s thin and the perfect shape to easily clean up without making a mess all over your pretty eyebrows!

Nyx concealer jar in porcelain– I find this is the best concealer for carving out your brows. I use the lightest shade and normally drag it down onto my eyelid as the primer for my eyeshadow.

Freedom brow pomade– I switch between 3 colours depending on my mood and the weather. I use chocolate which is a dark rich brown. I use this more when I’m feeling my grungy look or when it’s really cold outside. Don’t ask why I match my brows to the weather haha. Soft brown, soft brown I use normally on a daily basis, it’s as the same suggests, a very soft brown, depending on how light your natural eyebrows are depends on the colour pay off, mine are very light that’s why mine looks very light. (It’s what I’m wearing in the photo) and taupe. I love wearing taupe in the summer, I love ashy colours when it’s summer, I feel ashy brows look better when you have a very bronzed face (I use alot of bronzer during the summer) 

Modelco more brows– I use this after I’ve filled in my brows and cleaned them up, this helps your brows appear thicker. I use the shade light/medium. This brow gel is my favourite to use, it keeps all the hairs in place all day and doesn’t look clumpy on the eyebrow. 


  • First using your spoolie brush through the hairs, making them all neat pretty, preferably the way you want them to sit at the end.
  • Taking a small amount of product on your angled brush, make a line on the bottom of your brow, starting from the front all the way to the tail of your brow. 
  • Do the same on the top of your brow but not bringing the product to far forward, start the line a bit more inside the eyebrow, about 1/4 in to get the faded effect, if you don’t want the faded effect then start the line from the start of the brow. 
  • Start filling in your brow, making it darker towards the tail and getting lighter towards the front, using small thin strokes until you are happy with the coverage and shape. 
  • Remember, you can keep going back if your not happy with the shape
  • Taking your concealer brush and your chosen concealer, carve out and tidy your brows, don’t rush, take your time, if you make a mistake you can always go back in with your eyebrow product.
  • Using your eyebrow gel, use most of the product in the middle of your brow, placing the hairs where you want them to sit, when there’s not a lot of product left on your brush use it on the hairs at the front of your eyebrows to make them stand up straight for that lovely faded eyebrow effect. 

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