Afternoon kisses& kylie Jenner lips👄

Wanna know how I created the look above? Carry on reading, if you don’t scroll down to the bottom where I tell you how to get these smexy kylie Jenner lips using only one product!! 


Sleek Barekissed illuminator in Monaco. I use this as my primer. I applied it using my fingers all over my face until my face was glowing for the gods.

Nars all day luminous weightless foundation in the shade Gobi, I applied this using my beauty blender. First dapping on small amounts all over my face then blending it all in so my face was looking flawless.

L.A girl pro concealer in the shade porcelain, I used this for my concealer and to highlight the centre of my face. I blended it out using my beauty blender. 

Kat von d shade and light pallet, i used the shades levitation to set my concealer and subsonscious to contour my cheekbones, sides of my chin, sides of my nose and around my forehead. For the lighter shade I applied this using a tear shaped brush and for the darker shade I applied this using a slanted bronzer brush. 

Sleek highlighting pallet in the shade solstice, I used the shade hemisphere for my highlight today. I applied this using a Mac 184 highlighting brush. I applied it to the tops of my cheek bones, above my brow bone, tip of my nose and my Cupid’s bow. 


Kat von d shade and light eye pallet, I used the shades luowin for my all over base colour, latinus for my transition colour and Shax to darken out the outter corner.

Make up geek shadows, i used cherry cola to warm up the crease, Cinderella on the lid and phantom on the inner corner.

Poundland eyeliner in the shade black.

Loreal Paris false lash superstar in the shade red carpet black.

Ardell, natural lashes. 

Duo lash glue. 

Zoeva pencil liner in the shade myth.

All of the eyeshadows we’re applied using morphe brushes


Freedom brow pomade in the shade soft brown, I applied this using a real techniques angled liner brush 

Modelco eyebrow gel in the shade light/medium.

Nyx above& beyond full coverage concealer in the shade porcelain to tidy up and sharpen my brows. I used a real techniques angled brush to do this.


In this part I shall talk you through how to make your lips look bigger by just using one product. All your going to need is a matte liquid lipstick… 

I fancied having nice kylie Jenner lips today so I went for a nude brown lip. 

The lipstick I chose is sleek matte me ultra smooth lip cream in the shade birthday suit. In order to make your lips look bigger but not crazy big, you have to build it up, so I like to start on my bottom lip, slowly making my bottom lip look bigger, once I am happy I neaten it up using the same concealer brush I used on my eyebrows, then the dreaded top lip! In order to make them look bigger but not silly bigger, the trick is to only make the Cupid’s bow part of your lip bigger, you never want to make the sides look wider because that’s when you go from kylie Jenner to Pete burn. So just concentrate on the middle of your lips, making them as even as possible, once your happy, join it up in a straight line and clean up with your concealer brush. 

One product to beautiful kylie Jenner lips!

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