Sleek Barekissed illuminator- shade Monaco review

Hello lovelys!!!! 

So, if you follow my blog you would have seen my review on a sleek eyeshadow pallet earlier today. 

In that post you’d of seen I was going to be reviewing another sleek product. 

So the Barekissed illuminator…

First of, it’s pink! I like pink, pink is good! 

This wouldn’t suit someone with a yellow undertone though. To find out what your undertone is, check out my post Here

I went into this opening minded, for someone who’s never tried the brand sleek before I was nervous. I was comparing this to another drug store illuminator, the Seventeen 3 in one highlighter

This is one of the best drug store primers I have used that keeps the skin Dewey without looking greasy and that keeps your foundation on all day. 

Both of them have a pink undertone 

The seventeen one is more of a light pink where as the sleek one is more of a dark rose pink

Both of them have the same finish but the sleek one is a tad more thicker then the seventeen as you can see from the photo. 

So… My review… 

Considering I had such a bad experience with the eyeshadow pallet. You can read about that Here

I was actually very happy with this! Even more happy then when I use my seventeen 3 in one highlighter, I was very pleasantly surprised, my foundation stayed on all day! It didn’t crease around my nose or lips, (those are the areas I have problems with) my skin looked fresh and Dewey without looking greasy. I really like this product! 

Also after removing my make up, my skin feels so smooth and looks really awake and fresh! I highly recommend this product!! 

You can find the product Here

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