Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Collection- All the fun of the fair pallet- is it worth the hype?

Longest title ever I know haha. 

Today I am going to be telling you my personal experiences on this pallet and giving my opinion on if it’s worth the hype?

I got the pallet from superdrug. It cost £8.99

First of the box is beautiful. So many beautiful colours with a photo of a feris wheel. 

On the back of the box it gives a really cute description of the pallet. Tilt your heads to the side and read the back haha. 

The part you want to remember on the back is highly pigmented and long lasting. But we’ll come back to that later on. 

Next I’m going to show you the pallet itself and inside. The colours are beautiful. The pallet is a sleek (see what I did there) black pallet with pastel blue writing on it. 

When you get inside the pallet you are greated with 12 beautiful pastel shades, 4 shimmer colours and 8 matte colours 

You get a nifty little brush too, I like to keep these to do my inner corner highlight with.

I had so many ideas that I could do with this pallet. I was going to do a beautiful cotton candy eye with a hint of blue on the lower lash line. 

Yeah…. That plan failed.

Remember where they promised the shadows are highly pigmented and long lasting…. NO!!! THEY LIED!!!

At first I thought maybe I picked up a dodgy pallet. So I asked people who had the same pallet. They had exactly the same problem as me! 

These shadows are NOT pigmented like they promise and I tried applying them in so many different ways. A flat brush, a fluffy brush, my finger, wetting the brushes, wetting the shadows, wetting my finger… NOTHING!! 

I even tried to build them up, for half a hour… Again NOTHING!! 

I am honestly so disappointed with this pallet. The colours are absolutely stunning but what good are they if they don’t even work?! 

So my honest opinion. Save your money. Go for a revolution or freedom pallet. 10 times more pigment then this pallet. 

I am currently testing out the Sleek bare kissed illuminator in the shade Monaco. Review of that product will be up in the next few days
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3 thoughts on “Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Collection- All the fun of the fair pallet- is it worth the hype?

  1. SopheiLou says:

    I was gonna buy this palette today – so glad I didn’t now after reading this! Great post and I love the Monaco barekissed illuminator, can’t wait to see your review on it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • charlottedaisymakeup says:

      Oh that pallet was awful, I’ve seen photos of people who have managed to make it work, have no idea how but they seem to be slightly darker skinned then me, I’m milk bottle white so that could be why there not showing up as well


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