BH Cosmetics. Shaaanxo Pallet First impression+ Review

I actually forgot I had ordered this because it took a while to come. But yaaaay!!! I am now the newest owner of the Shaaanxo pallet by bh cosmetics! 

I used the pallet today for today’s make up, which is what you see in the picture. 

The shades with the hearts round are the colours I used. 

I have to be honest tho, I must prefer the eyeshadows to the lipsticks in this pallet. 

The lipstick are very gloopy, not sure if that’s a word, but they are very very gloopy, especially the bright pink, that just gets everywhere. 

I did do swatches for each lip colour but I have to wax my lip and I couldn’t remove the hair from the photo😂 so I shall do swatches using them another day. Here’s the swatches from the eyeshadows. 

The eyeshadows are very buttery, they blend so nicely and all the colours are so pretty, I especially love the rose gold colour and the brick red colour. They are amazing colours

The lipsticks claim to be long wearing. They do stay on and look very nice, all the colours are pretty, but as soon as you eat or drink they come off. It’s not surprising though considering they are not a matte finish. The bright red did seem to stain my lips to. That I didn’t I. I don’t like staining lipsticks. 

The pallet itself tho is really nice, I love the packinging and the fact the eyeshadows and lipsticks are kept separate. It has a nice magnetic shutting so you know it’s closed and it’s not to big so you could pop it in your bag for touch ups. But, the problem with that is needing to take a lip brush with you. Unless you just use your finger haha!!

This pallet cost me £19 including postage. Which in my eyes is amazing for a youtuber pallet (look at mannymua pallet. £45!!! Plus postage) I love manny so please don’t jump on me but the shaaanxo pallet is a very good price!! It did take a while to come but I think that’s because they was back logged? Maybe? 

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