Dressing table, YouTube and makeup

So before I start this, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has followed my blog and is reading my posts. I know it can be hard to read sometimes, I have addressed this before but I am dyslexic, when I got tested just before Christmas I had the reading age of 10 and the spelling age of 9. So not great but since I’ve been getting help I now have a reading and spelling age of 16! Woo! Handwriting still needs some work but you don’t see that, haha. So I apologise if things I write don’t make sense or punctuation is in the wrong place. To me it looks right lol. 
But jumping straight in!

I got a dressing table! Didn’t come with a mirror so the woman knocked £70 of it, taking it down to £50!! 

I’ve always wanted a dressing table but never been able to afford one. So… Here’s my new baby😍 

It’s a beautiful white shabby chic table with a beautiful stool, the mirror was mine already, just added it ontop but I think it goes really nice with it, what do you think? Should I buy a new one? A white one? 

I love it! So happy to finally have a table!! 

YouTube news! 

So as a few of you know, I started a YouTube channel, haven’t been doing it long but I’m on 15 subscribers 

I’m loving filming videos and editing them, it’s giving stuff to do in the evenings and it’s actually really fun to do! 

Here’s the videos I already have uploaded. My channel is Charlottedaisymakeup. If anyone wanted to check it out😉 

The videos ent the best quality but I’m just having fun 

And now on to make up…. As from Wednesday last week. I am now a qualified makeup artist!!! I’m so happy to finally say I am qualified, got the certificate, I’ve been working up to this for years! I have been self teaching myself since I was 13! 11 years and I’m finally qualified!!! 

I can’t wait to start building up more clients!

Also, hopefully this Wednesday I’d be finished college, so that’s means I will also be a qualified level 2 beauty therapist. I will be going back in September to do level 3 media make up, that’s just sfx stuff really! I can’t wait!! 
Please follow my Instagram http://www.instagram.com/Charlottedaisymakeup

My YouTube is http://www.youtube.com/user/Charlottedaisymakeup 


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