Beauty Bay Haul

Items bought: 

Makeup Geek eyeshadows: 


Cupcake – £4.95

Cinderella – £4.95

Phantom (duochrome) – £4.95

Cherry cola – £4.95

Rockstar (duochrome) – £4.95

Confection – 4.95 

Morphe eyeshadow:


Granite – £1.95

Zoeva Graphic eyes:


Myth – £7.00

Morphe brushes: 

Set of 12 professional brushes – £19.75

M139 – £2.50


Makeup geek shadows: 

I bought 6 of these in total, 2 being duochrome and the rest standard shadows. If your unsure what duochrome is, it’s where the eyeshadow changes colour depending on the different base its been put on. 

I love make up geek shadows, I always have done, there buttery, very pigmented and they blend out so well! 

My favourite colours that I got are cherry cola, I love this colour for the crease and the lower lash line, looks lush blended out with a black coal liner. 

Cinderella, it’s the most beautiful shimmery pink without being to shimmery, it’s a very nice baby pink, looks amazing on the lid or in the inner corner as a highlight. 

Phantom, this duochrome colour looks like a very soft pink in the pan, I placed it straight onto my skin (you’ll see in the swatch) and it came out a very nice baby pink, wasn’t to keen on it, but places it ontop of a darker colour, it ends up being the most beautiful shade of lilac. So clever! 

I love the rest of the shadows but those are my favourite. 


Morphe shadow 

I’ve never used a morphe shadow before, but I have to say I was pleasantly suprised, very pigmented, blends easily, only problem is, there is some fall out, but it’s not a huge problem, I really like this colour, it’s a warm deep brown, looks amazing in the crease and outer corner! 


Zoeva graphic eyes: 

I’ve heard amazing things about zoeva eyeliners. That there soft, don’t drag on the eye, last all day, amazing pigmentation, I have to say, none of that is a lie! These eyeliners are amazing! I am 100% buying more in the future, the shade myth is beautiful! I have no faults with this at all! 

100/10 (yes that is meant to be 100) 

Swatches of all

Now here’s phantom in action, you can see the colour change 

Morphe set of 12 brushes: 

I’m a huge fan of morphe brushes, this set, I’ve been trying to get for ages but it’s always sold out! I really needed a good set of brushes for my kit. 

This set comes with a

•Powder Brush 

•Blush Brush

•Foundation brush 

•Angeled eyeshadow brush 

•Large packing brush 

•Small packing brush 

•Under the eye brush 

•Tapered blending brush 

•Crease blending brush 

•Consealer Brush

•Small liner brush

•Small detail brush

First thing, they are very good brushes, can’t fault morphe at all, brushes are very soft, makes blending and make up application so easy,  the black and white stipped packaging is so cute! , it’s so easy to put in your bag or make up kit, doesn’t take up loads of room but…. The only thing I have to say is they smell weird. 

They have a very strong smell of new car… Which doesn’t make sense. 

I’m not sure if it’s the brushes or the container but something smells odd. 

Just on the smell, honestly the smell isn’t a nice smell. 


Morphe M139 blending brush

This brush is my favourite of all brushes, I love this brush! I think I own about 10 of them already haha, the brush itself is tapered really thin so you can get right into the crease, it’s also really soft making blending so easy! I just really love this brush! 


All of these items we’re bought on beautybay!

I will be doing another haul soon! Just waiting for the products to arrive, it will be a mixture of skin care and beauty products so look out for that!! 
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