Poundland liquid eyeliner, is it even worth £1?!

Today we are talking liquid eyeliner! 

These eyeliners are £1… Yes £1 from poundland. 

I’ve been looking for a new eyeliner since I ran out of my Kat von D tattoo liner, I tried so many different liners until someone suggested poundland, at first I put my nose up, poundland make up? Really?

Then one day I became desperate, I had ran out. I didn’t like my soap and glory one, my nyx one, my topshop one, so I decided to try it, went into poundland, got the eyeliner, handed over my pound,  I was now the newest owner of a poundland liquid eyeliner. 

Now I’m not going to lie, I put off using it, I was scared I would end up with a dirty eye infection. 

Then it came to taking selfies, I missed my winged liner soooo much that I finally caved and tried the eyeliner out. 

First thing first, the brush is so thin, it’s so easy to get that sharp perfect wing instantly, no faffing about, it’s black, like really black, it doesn’t leave light bits, it’s just very black straight away, it’s matte which is always what you want when it comes to a liquid liner, dries within seconds, doesn’t crumble off your eye and doesn’t rub off when you put eyelashes on…

But how can this be?! It’s £1! I thought maybe I just had a faulty one (I know, sounds stupid) so I tried another one, same thing, perfect everytime!! 

This eyeliner isn’t only cheap, it’s amazing! This has upped my eyeliner game so Much! I now get the perfect wing everytime! (I will add some photos of the liner in action) 

If you have a poundland near you, honestly, go and buy it!! You won’t be disappointed!! So today, I went and bought 7 more, 3 black ones, just to stock up, 1 grey, 1 blue, 1 gold glitter and 1 silver glitter! 

Can’t wait to play and create some looks with the different colours. 

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