Milia… The removal

I have suffered with milia on my eyelid for around 6 months, not long, I know, but ever since getting it, it has been the bane of my eye make up life! Especially blending! 

If you don’t know what Milia is, it is a build up of keratin, now even though keratin is good for us, for our skin, nails and hair, the last thing we want is a mini cyst around your eyes due to build up of keratin. 

Things to remember: 

Milia is not a spot, you cannot squeeze it and expect it to be gone

It’s not from being dirty, so there not formed by germs or bacteria. 

They are not dangerous, they won’t harm your eyes at all

You can’t remove them by any type of antibiotics, they are not a infection. 

The removal:

The way milia is removed is by slicing the area in a cross using a teeny tiny needle, you can do it yourself but if someone else is going to do it, make sure they are qualified and confident enough to do it, especially if you have one where I did, right near my lash line. You can see in the photo below, the red part near my eyelid is where my milia was. 

Once the slices have been made you then squeeze it out, I felt her giving it a little wiggle to get it out, once it’s out, it comes out like a little white pearl. 

I’m not going to lie, it was probably the most painful thing I have gone through. Especially with it being on my eyelid, but it was worth it to have a nice smooth eyelid again. 

I had mine removed by the level 3 beauty therapists at college but salons also do provide this treatment. If you are finding yourself wanting yours removed, make sure the salon is licenced to do so and that the therapist has removed them before and feels confident enough to remove them. 
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