In the spring time… We wear pink!

Hello lovelys, how are you on this horrible rainy day, did anyone get snow yesterday? Snow in April… Madness. 

Anyway, I wanted to talk to you today about the newest spring time trend. Pink eyes and pink lips, now the thought of them together just sounds to much, like something Barbie would wear, but if it’s done right it can look really nice, I thought I’d experiment today, so I used 4 different shades of pinks and 2 different lipsticks

When it came to the eyes it sort of all came together naturally and gave a really soft blushed pink look, it was so pretty, especially with the shimmer, I went from darkest to lightest, blending each time I added a new colour (I’ve circled the colours I used in the photo above) now when it came to the lipsticks that was hard… First I used a ABH lipstick, in the shade milkshake

i didn’t like it… It was far to pink for what I was going for, I wanted a more soft look where as this was really in your face pink. 

So I tried a lipstick I’ve had for ages, loved but forgot about, this is a lipstick from modelco in the shade kitty 

This colour ended up being a perfect match, it complimented my eye make up perfectly and it was pink, without being to pink! 

So if you want to do this look yourself, I’d suggest going for more softer blushed pinks rather then bright bold pinks, I also used a baby pink blush and a pink toned highlight, just for that extra bit of pink💋 

I hope you enjoyed reading, please check out my Instagram, the link is 



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