Superdrug bargain bins!!

I can’t be the only one who loves a good bargain?! 

Recently I’ve found myself looking through the bargain bins in superdrug, the items range from 10p to 42p! And the looks I get are hilarious, people must think I can’t afford make up, if only they knew the truth. But honestly, I have found some amazing bargains in them bins!!! 

Everything from mascara to foundation, eyeliner to eyeshadow, even fake tan!!!! 

The brands are also good brands! For example, I found this loreal Paris perfect match concealer 

Now I know what your thinking, that’s not your shade, for 10p who cares haha, il find a use for it, il most likely contour with it

These 4 bottles of fake tan, coming to a total price of 60p! 

I’ve already used them and they came out very nice, a nice even glow without being like a human wosit. 
Here’s the other things I have found in superdrugs bargain bins 

Now if I’m going to be honest, a few of the brands I haven’t heard of but again, can’t complain for under £1! 

The real bargains are the Barry M, maybelline, loreal, revlon, gosh and bourjois Paris!!!
So next time your in superdrug, look in the bargain bins! You never know what you may find 😉 
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