Finding the perfect foundation for you

Having trouble finding out what foundation is going to be your perfect match, your best friend, your soul mate? 

Well no need to worry, I’m here to help, for years of struggling with this myself, I am here to help. Wondering if a liquid or powder is best for you? I’ve got you covered

Foundations fall into so many categories but il stick to the basics, you have all your different kinds, your liquids, powders, mouse, spray, you name it… It’s probably a foundation

Then you have your undertones, your naturals, your yellows and your pinks. Take your make up off, look in the mirror, what do you see? A olive completion with hardly any pink or no pinks at all? Does oranges and yellows look good on you? Does it complement your skin tone? If the answer is yes! Your yellow undertoned! Woooo!!! You have lovely olive skin! You can also be pale and have a yellow undertone btw.

Now, if the above isn’t you, do you look in the mirror and see rosey cheeks? And a slight pinky skin tone? Do oranges and yellows wash you out and do greys and blues compliment your skin tone? If so then you have a pink undertone!!! See it’s really easy to work it out!! 

Now if your looking and thinking, but wait, I see both, then that’s fine, your neutral, you can get away with both, makes foundation shopping so much easier.

Now let’s talk about skin types and different foundations

Powders and sprays – oily/combination

Liquids and mouse – dry/combination and sometimes oily depending on which type

Matte finishes- these are best used on oily skin! If used on a dry skin it will emphasise your dry patches and no one wants that, the point is to hide certain areas 😦 

Dewey/luminous finishes- these are best for those with dry skins, extremely oily people should stay away from these! The oils in your face will cause the foundation to move around and you’ll look like a disco ball, trust me, I made that mistake when my skin was really oily. 

If you have combination skin, I would suggest a mixture of the two for the perfect finish, apply matte in places you get oily and Dewey/luminous where you get dry. 

Setting sprays can also change your foundation, so for example if you’ve read this, realise you have a bottle of nars all day luminous foundation which is £39!!! Don’t want to waste it, but you have oily skin, buy a matte setting spray, it will change the formula in the foundation from a luminous to a matte 🙂 

I really recommend this one from nyx 🙂 smells amazing and lasts all day!!

BB creams/ CC creams- I love these! These are my go to in the summer, they are basically the same thing, only difference is a CC cream is colour correcting, but and the best part is, there suitable for everyone, doesn’t matter what skin type!!! You still need to find out your undertone though. 

I hope this has helped some of you! If so leave me a comment on what you would like me to talk about next 🙂 

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