Stila sparkle waterproof eyeliner

Want a eyeliner that stays on all day, doesn’t budge and stains your skin? Well stila has the eyeliner for you… It has extra staining power…

As you can probably tell, I’m not a happy bunny right now. 

I know everyone wants a eyeliner that is long lasting and doesn’t budge, I am also one of those people, but I don’t want a eyeliner that is going to stain my skin! 

I used the eyeliner mentioned above to create this Ice queen look 

I love the finished result but when it came to washing it all of my face, I was left with a blue wing stain. I used wipes, my Clinique take the day of balm, you name it, I used it to try and remove it.

This is what I’m left with now… 

 a lovely blue stain..

I’m not sure if you can tell but my eye is red raw from trying to rub it off, my eyelid and outter corner is soooooo sore…

If anyone has any tips you can give me to remove this blue stain I would be very appreciated

I hope you enjoyed my little rant and I’m sorry if you didn’t…

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